House Show Results - Kansas City 1/31/97
House Show Results - Kansas City 1/31/97

Bob from Rockhurst College attended a WCW House Show at Memorial Hall in Kansas City, KS. He was kind enough to send in a report for your enjoyment. I've posted it verbatim.

The place was packed. It was hot...and the crowd was really rowdy. My first actual wrestling event that I've seen in person.
The night began with an announcement that because of an injury, the Nasty Boys were unable to wrestle.
Then they introduced the legend of KC: Handsome Harley Race. The crowd went bananas for this one. It was great to see this...he is truly a legend.

Match One: Terry Taylor vs Renegade
This match took forever to start. And man, did it start boring. The crowd even began to shout "BORING" after a while. When all was said and done, not much of a match. Renegade won. Match Two: Syxx and Vince vs High Voltage
This one was great, had a few boring spots but overall it was good. Kind of got better as it went on. Nick Patrick was the ref. He was up to his usual stuff. High Voltage had it won, but Nick was distracted and Syxx jumped in the ring and knocked the High Voltage member out and put Vince on top of him. Match Three: "Lord" Steven Regal vs "Das Wunderkid" Alex Wright
This one got the crowd going. The TV title was on the line for the first 15 minutes. But as you can guess it went over 15 minutes. The match was dirty as hell, and Regal was whining the whole time. Regal wins via pinfall using the ropes as leverage. Match Four: "Big" Bubba Rogers vs Jeff Jarrett
Great match. One of the best. Again, it took a bit to get started, but once it did, it rocked. Nick was the ref Bubba had the upper hand from the beginning. Jarrett did win, though. Main Event: Lex Luger & Giant vs Faces of Fear!!!!!
Man, was this crazy. I called it, though, after Nitro last week. Began with Luger coming out alone saying he had no idea where the Giant was. Then he told Nick to "GET his ASS out of the ring, cause there is no way he was reffing this match." New ref came out. Luger decides not to forfeit and fights alone. He fights about ten minutes. Goes back and forth. Then when Luger is tired the Giant comes out. The crowd went ballistic. Giant gets in and chokeslams Meng and Babarian. He wins. Random notes:
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