WCW Monday Nitro - March 12, 2001

WCW Monday Nitro - March 12, 2001

By Aldo

As you might imagine, it's tough to resist making the obvious joke here.

Charlie of Chan & Charlie... and Matt sends the following arena report:

Duke of Aldo,

There isn't really much to report on. Yes, as you stated in your report the show reeked of sucktitude. The coliseum was more full than it looked until the Thunder tapings due to the late hour. And a most heinous rain storm going on outside certainly did not make travel in the ever-confusing downtown area of Knoxville any more bearable than 5 hours of live wrestling.

A little local bit of info for you. The coliseum in which WCW events are held in Knoxville is obviously arranged much different than the current, modern arenas most events are held in. The coliseum is actually minor league hockey arena. Thus, the lack of stadium seating... why you saw a concrete wall behind 10 rows of fans, then the upper deck. Thompson-Boling Arena is the other venue of choice in town for wrestling. It is the basketball arena for the University of Tennessee and has an official seating capacity of 24,535. The Civic Coliseum has a seating capacity of 6,400. In the current state of WCW, the Civic Coliseum was an obvious choice to avoid television embarassment.

An awesome dark match was held to start the show. Kid Kash vs. someone who is slipping from memory at this moment. Sorry... I'm sure it's on a sheet somewhere. Kid "Rock" Kash blew one spot, but that certainly did not ruin the match for myself or anyone else in the arena. It lasted about 10 minutes and was packed full of high spots. Great WCW debut from the Johnson City, TN native.

And I'm sure you were wondering about my sign, "I Farted." Much like the June 7 Thunder, it was taken by WCW security. Only this time, the culprit was Doug "F'n" Dillenger. He didn't say a word. He walked over, reached in front of my seat and took the sign... without even reading it. I guess he didn't have to. I did notice that half of my sign was aired, so maybe it was edited out. I did my damndest to hide it throughout the show, only holding it up when the wrestlers entered the ring... and getting a few chuckles out of the wrestlers for it certainly made it all worth while. I knew I had a winning sign when I almost broke Lance Storm's classic stare while in the ring. The only downfall to having my sign taken up is that I didn't get to use it to mark out for Charles Palumbo. The back read, "Palumbo Rules!"

There was a bit of a war going on with the signs. During the cruiserweight match, I was marking out big-time with my sign when Matt saw it. He was sitting in the section across from me, turned his "We Want El Dandy" sign that I creatively painted for him to reveal "Who Farted?" This got the attention not only to our entire sections, but to two young lads in the section in between us who had a dry erase board. In turn they wrote, "No, We Farted!" Needless to say, the entire floor abrupted in laughter as we all tried to claim a fart.

It was probably a good thing the sign was taken up. My girlfriend arrived about 10 minutes later and would have disowned me if she had seen it. I'm glad I didn't write, "She farted!" Stephanie did seem to receive some female fans due to her "I'm here because of him --->" sign.

I guess that's all.

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