WCW Wednesday Night Thunder - December 20, 2000

By Mel.

Holiday-flavored greetings and generally cheerful salivations to the Digest's intrepid following of WCW faithful. Bill stuffed The Schwahsylum's stocking early this year, by annointing myself as one of the Wednesday Night Thunder regular crew. Until further notice, I'll be shimming up the doldrums of the mid-work-week stretch with a report every two to three weeks, sharing the punchcard with Jarod and Big Mike.

Here's a toast of spiked eggnog to the intrepid Xavier Doom and his report on WCW's Starrcade. I haven't seen it, nor do I plan to, but as usual, XD provides the dirty details at great cost to his well-being and sanity--Monday Nitro was the usual World Championship Wrestling smorgasboard of hot and cold running hope, ranging from gutter-brand crap to passable effort from the usual suspects.

As a sidebar note, fans of Lash LaRoux should take a look at this. It's got about as much chance of happening as WCW pulling off a reasonably satisfactory performance with the handling of the Sin main event, but it'd still be kinda cool.

Thunder picks up right where we faded with Aldo, lots of bollocks about the mystery man, Goldberg's wretched "streak" angle and the Insiders-slash-Natural Born Thrillers feud.











































That's it for this week. We'll be running an all-crummy movie media and review marathon until the New Year chimes in over at Schwah, stop on by if you've got a jones for Clint Howard and Bruce Campbell's phenomenal body of work.

Happy holidays!

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