WCW Mayhem 2000 - Sunday, November 26, 2000

WCW Mayhem 2000 - Sunday, November 26, 2000

By Bill

Paul sends the following arena report:

Hello! Just got back from Milwaukee, where I saw Mayhem. Since I enjoy your site so much, thought I'd fill you in on what you didn't see: not much.

Flair came out before it started, thanked us all for coming, and promised that they were going to put on the best show they could, and that they were going to try to keep improving with time. In other words: "We know we've sucked lately, thanks for sticking with us". We thought that was pretty cool.

The crowd was nowhere near the capacity crowd they claimed, but there was a pretty good crowd. It was dead for the early matches, but Hugh Morrus got a really good reaction when he won the belt back. Surprisingly, the Hart/Mancow crapfest got a great reaction from the crowd. Apparently, Mancow is really popular in Milwaukee. I think thats the only reason they did it, was to get the live crowd fired up. The crowd was REALLY behind Steiner, to our surprise.

The only other thing to note was that the crowd was really confused about the whole Bam Bam Bigelow injury, since we had no commentating to help us out, and from where we were sitting, we couldn't see Bigelow get up and attack Morrus at first. Oh, the live crowd was as mortified by the Glacier thing as everyone else. Nothing happened once the cameras went off.

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