WCW Thunder--Wednesday, November 22nd, 2000

By Mel.

Yes, they asked me to come back.

Well, no. Not really. Alright. I'll level with you. Since I'd heard through the grapevine that Bill was off to Florida to tempt a heel turn with the in-laws, I snuck through the dog door at the Hallowed Halls to forcibly "sub" for King Leo on another edition of Wednesday Night Thunder.

Of course, given the job I did the last time I was sulking around the joint, I'm surprised he allowed me back at all. It isn't every day we get villagers with torches and pitchforks on the front lawn, usually just the day after a Vince Russo scripted PPV gets dumped on the public.

As per Schwahsylum House Rules, the indomitable Swan will be using my skull as an ottoman during the tenure of this telecast. Nitro was positively sedated, the worser of two offerings on a bum Monday night, so we'll see if things got any better after the WCW technical crew got their groove on and the second tapings ensued.

We are TAPED hardaway for two hours of Thunder from the Richmond County Civic Center in Augusta, Georgia!

Tony, Tenay and Patron Saint are talking about nothing in particular.

Mike Sanders, Mark Jindrak and Scott O'Haire make their way down to the ring, with Sanders selling a head injury from his "match" with Goldberg "earlier in the week".

Mike has a mic.

Match #1: The Natural Born Thrillers (Jindrak and O'Haire) vs. Meng

Sanders and his boys stop on the ramp to exchange words with Nash and Page.

Scott Steiner is roaming around the backstage area.


We're back in the office of the World Championship Wrestling CEO and full-time Nature Boy, Ric Flair.

When we head back into the arena, Two Count is in the ring.

Match #2: Yang (w/Leia Meow) vs. Shannon Helms (w/Sugar Shane) vs. Evan Karagias (w/Jamie Knoble)


Alex Wright is in the backstage catacombs.

We're in for a treat, as apparently Stevie Ray had the opportunity to conduct an interview with Scott Steiner "yesterday".


The Filthy Animals are on their way to the ring.

Match #3: The Filthy Animals (Rey Mysterio, Jr. and Billy Kidman w/Konnan and Tygress) vs. Brian Clark (w/Brian Adams and Alex Wright)


When we come back, Mike Sanders is on the phone.

Scheme Gene is with Reno and Bam-Bam Bigelow.

DDP and Nash are loafing in the men's locker room.

And here's Vito with his two cents!

Recap of the Steiner-Booker melodrama and the recent Nash-DDP-slash-NBT happenings.

And in the back, Booker is WALKING.


The Natural Born Thrillers are with Gene Mean.

We interrupt this dead space for a not-so-special look back on the Sanders versus Goldberg splat.

Booker T is on his way out.


When we come back, The Cat, Miss Jones and Buff Bagwell are with Mean Gene.

Shane Douglas and Torrie are on their way down the aisle.

Buff comes out, followed by the Cat and Ms. Jones. The four bodies collide in the ring and our "match" is underway.

Match #4: Buff Bagwell and The Cat (w/Miss Jones) vs. "The Chosen One" Jeff Jarrett and "The Franchise" Shane Douglas (w/Torrie Wilson)


Mean Gene is standing by with Crowbar and Mike Awesome.

Scott Steiner is in the ring.

Match #5: Scott Steiner vs. Big Vito


When we return, Bam-Bam Bigelow is heading towards the ring.

Match #6: Bam-Bam Bigelow and Reno vs. Crowbar and Mike Awesome (Hardcore Rules Tag Match)


When we return, the lumberjacks are streaming out of the backstage area.

PerfectShawn and Mike Sanders are out next. Diamond Dallas Page is TALKING TO HIMSELF AND WALKING AT THE SAME TIME!


Match #7: Shawn Stasiak vs. "Diamond" Dallas Page

Quite frankly, this show blew phlegm all over the faces of those of us who had the frame of mind to sit through it. WCW is doing the right thing by keeping the mix on a high whirl and by encompassing more of their roster into the span of their shows, but for God's sake, the angles they keep coming up with would have been mothballed ten years ago.

Yes, the formulas DO work, but there has to be some sort of fuel overshadowing the simplicity of what makes wrestling so great. Having Guy A beat up Guy B with a wad of tape then rolling Guy C onto Guy A for the cheap win just isn't enough for the audience anymore. They need a reason to care. It's a nice start, but until they find a rudder who gives a damn about where the company is rapidly drifting, WCW is going to be dead and bloated on yesterday's beach real quick.

The Good: Nice showings by Yang and Jamie Knoble. Big Vito continues to defy the odds and logic by getting crowd support FAR out of the range of his spot on the card. Crowbar has finally found himself a niche that will hopefully--and I do always stress fading hope--lead to better things.

The Bad: Way too much blah-blah, none of it moving in a specific direction. The fine art of promo-cutting is only a valuable tool for character development when applied to a guy who can use it to his advantage, sic. a Chris Jericho or Crowbar. A little dialogue coaching and a lot of script surgery can make a WORLD of difference.

The Ugly: A show so generally stinking that even the unsinkable SWAN ran off to White Castle. Whew.

That's all from me. Have yourselves a great and safe Turkey Day.

Oh, and all hatemail goes to THIS box. Er, yeah. That's it. =)


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