WCW Monday Nitro - October 16, 2000

WCW Monday Nitro - October 16, 2000

By Aldo

  • The Good: Ten matches in two hours. Booker/Douglas was a solid outing despite the outside BS. Awesome/Crowbar vs. Perfect Event was also good for what it was.

  • The Bad: Many of the matches, including the main event, had outcomes that were as predictable as a drum solo in a 70s rock concert. The outside interference during the title match was highly inexcusable. Even worse was the announcing. It's obvious that Tony Schiavone doesn't give a damn about his performance, so I kindly ask that someone remove him and put in his place someone who is competent.

  • The Ugly: Johnny "The Bull" Hugger's injury. Poor guy gets a pelvic injury, sits out for a few months, comes back to the ring and gets a bum ankle for his trouble. It just doesn't pay to wake up sometimes.

  • Some decent stuff tonight, but there were a lot of underwhelming matches. Sorry, but I can't give this the 3 for 3 treatment.

    Martin S. sends the following arena report:

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