WCW Monday Nitro - October 2, 2000

WCW Monday Nitro - October 2, 2000

By Aldo

Mark Halling sends the following arena report:

There was a huge line outside of the arena, but nowhere near a huge crowd. The Cow Palace, which is already a small arena, was less than half-full; 5,000 people max. It was good that so few people were there, though, because it allowed me to move up into row four right in line with the ring and the entryway. If you look, I'm on TV waving my JJ foam guitar quite a few times. Towards the end of the show a cameraman zoomed in on me with guitar and two fingers in the air but some drunk guy hopped in front of me and the cameraman moved on. Eh, what can ya' do? The crowd was VERY dead all night. Only Steiner, Pamela, Nash and the little guy in the Superman suit garnished any heat.

New merchandise was a sweet looking Kronik shirt and a new Booker T-shirt. Both sold pretty poorly. The biggest merchandise seller was the JJ guitar.

I wandered backstage towards catering (there was a window looking in) and saw some interesting stuff. I saw Major Gunns (even though she wasn't on TV). I ran into Disco who ignored me. Tony Shiavone walked by and told us he hoped we would enjoy the show. I saw Meng (kinda' ruined that surprise), Fit Finlay, and Norman Smiley as well.

Kronik signed autographs (it had been announced that it would be Rey Mysterio and Konnan).


Commercial breaks were long and plentiful. DJ Ran (to the joy of all, I'm sure) played some "jams" during the breaks and three (the blonde, the red head, and the black girl) Nitro Girls danced every now and then. This was my first TV taping and the commercial breaks get SOOOOO boring.

The ladder match got no heat (like all matches). I think it was very underdeveloped and could have been good if given time. Nothing special in the arena; the live show started with the TV one.

Everyone around me bet that the masked man was Buff just from looking at his arms. Another great swerve by Russo.

The Goldberg/Russo segment was long and boring. Though it didn't seem like it (cause of all the breaks), it was the only real meaty interview segment of the night (which is good). G-berg was pretty hard to understand. Not like much was missed. Goldberg taunted on the entryway after his sports entertaining for the first of three times tonight. Russo said something about how the Mets were gonna kill the Giants (whatever) in a few days while they were trying to drive the truck backstage.

Chuck Zito came out to do commentary and probably would have been booed execpet that there were at least 25 Hell's Angels there so everyone thought it wise to keep quite.

Vito vs. Reno was confusing and got no heat. I had to get up (I was sitting in someone else's seat) and practically missed the whole match. The cane shots looked mighty stiff.

Pamela Paulshook was over, even before she made her announcement.

Shanme Douglas talked about Konnan or something and then went to work on Awesome. I tried an E-C-dub chant; nothing doing. Another dull match in the first hour. People were pretty pissed that the table wasn't used. Torrie wasn't over and, boy, how bad is she on the mic? Stick to an Elizabethan role.

Meng didn't get an intro. After he lost, he looked pretty pissed (like frustrated pissed) and then hopped the railing and walked out through the crowd. Whatever. Nobody understood what Kronik was doing and why.

They screwed up the audio so we didn't hear the above average top of the hour match. Penzer had to relate it to us. Only in WCW...

Sting's intro is tremendous live. The tag match was OK; a little slow. Midajah looks a lot older in person.

Elix Skipper was relatively ignored 'till he let a "shiznit" slip. Charles Robinson and Penzer both made a look like "What the hell did that rookie just say on live TV"? Nash was over like rover. I thought the match was as good as could have been expected and Nash keeping with the interview was hilarious. I was the only one in the arena who cared that Sanders won the Cruiser strap. Well, me and Sanders, I guess. The guy next to me threw something that hit Johnny the Bull at ringside; Johnny told security who then escorted them out. Good thing, they were booing JJ.

Ron and Don Harris came out without music. I called Don an overrated jobber and recieved some SCSA sign language. =). Both Harris Boys looked pissed about jobbing as well.

Like I said earlier, everyone knew it was Buff. No heat, no cry.

Penzer announced that the title match would be a 49er match to a chorus of boos. He then tried each Bay Area sports team to see which would get the best cheap heat. Giants won, followed by the A's, and then the Forty-Whiners.

Booker giving the shirt to the old lady (who was not a plant, she was with her grandkids) was over huge. The main event was very good and got the best heat of the night. People went crazy for the Scott Hall pic and the table spot. A very loud Booker T chant was started. The only thing that sucked was the finish (a midget?) but the (probably drunk) crowd seemed to enjoy it. Like I said earlier, Scott Steiner is over big in the Bay Area (remember when he stretched DDP at a couple SuperBrawl's ago and got the big chant?). After the show, Booker slapped some hands and that was it.

Overall, the show wasn't great but I thought the main event was good enough to bring it to an average rating. Little heat and little attendance. Now is that SF's fault or WCW's? Me thinks Russo. Alright, later.

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