WCW Thunder - August 23, 2000

By Greg of  

Barney and his little slaves can raise da' roof. Can you?

Matt S., the unofficial DDT Digest Dentist, sends the following arena report:

Good morning from Tulsa, OK. I attended last night's Thunder tapings at the downtown convention center. This is the same convention center that sold out all regular season arena football games, and almost every minor league hockey game.
They roped off 1/3 of the arena for production area. The remaining seats were only 1/2 full at best. I was sitting in the upper area and everyone around me was asked to move so the camera would show a full arena. I estimate the crowd to be almost 2500 and not all of those paid.
A promising note is that during the worldwide tapings a young wrestler, I couldn't catch the name, 6'0'' about 210 lbs, dark hair, caucasian, wrestled Elix and put on a great match. Unfortunately, DJ Ran was all up in our area. The Nitro Girls were not taped for TV to my knowledge. Their skits have become more risqué than in the past, including two dancing very close together in a cage.
Biggest disappointment of the night was no Goldberg. Tulsa is Goldberg's hometown. Last night he was two hours north in Wichita, and he no-shows his hometown. They had been plastering his name all over the airwaves the last two weeks. So everyone was mad he didn't show in his own town.
No sight of Russo either, which makes it even weirder that they showed the skit of Russo, Goldberg, Steiner to open the show. WCW's merchandise tables looked barren, only three shirt choices and little else. Their merchandise department is pathetic, WWF's easily out does them.
If anyone has a chance, please ask the wrestlers if it affects them that the events are only sparsely attended. The local indy promotion brought in the Hardy Boys and T& A a few months ago and sold over 2000 tickets. Kind of puts the WCW to shame.

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