WCW Monday Nitro - July 24, 2000

WCW Monday Nitro - July 24, 2000

By Aldo

W. Perry A. sends the following arena report:

Man, there is SUCH a difference live. The pyro is louder, the crowd is wilder, the atmosphere is more lively, there's Nitro Girls, there were stupid stripper sluts in the audience stealing their heat . . . . . Too bad some of the wrestlers didn't put as much effort into this Nitro as we did. Average night, and the no-shows kind of hurt the whole flow of the show.

I got a question - does anybody listen to ROCK or METAL anymore? God al-freaking-MIGHTY!!! ALL they played was RAP during the breaks!!! It was sheer torture. Didn't anybody learn anything from the whole Master P debacle?

The best thing about it all was Lance Storm. It's obvious that he's becoming WCW's Canuck version of Angle, but Storm is about as talented and can cut the heel promo like no one else in WCW can.

Kronic got the "high pop" of the evening for putting Johnson through the announce table.

The Goldberg/Booker T Double Header was great, but why did "Sting" get taken out so quickly? That didn't sit well with us. Goldberg jobbing was a surprise, and I like Goldberg. That was cool of him to put Booker over, and with not a lot of screwjobbing either. It's something you didn't often see in main events past. And Booker REALLY juiced. Not as bad as HHH did the other night, but bad nonetheless.

The "Billy Kidman Lee" video segment was pretty decent, if only they >hadn't completely BLOWN the video. WCW's production crew needs to be SHOT!

Madden is fatter live than he is on TV. Trust me. Tony and Madden were smirking at the caustic heat they got. Truth hurts, doesn't it?

Miss Hancock. I now realize why WCW films her from overhead. When >you're looking UP at her . . . .well. . . . .let's just say missshancock.com would become a PAY site, if you know what I mean.

Most of the signs we had got on TV several times. "HELP!! MADDEN IS CAVING THE FLOOR IN", "SOMEBODY SLAP SCHIAVONIE", "SCOTT HALL IS GETTING WASTED IN THE FLATS" and "I CAME TO SEE FAT OLD GUYS WRESTLE" got on the most. My sign "STAND FOR THE CANADIAN CHAMPION" got the close up treatment. My face didn't, however, and I had to jump to be seen.

Yes, Virginia, WCW pipes crowd noise in during matches. It's true, it's true. Those matches were like LIBRARIES during the action.

Yes, it's a fact: That cage match was ten times as painful and pointless to watch live as it was to watch at home. Of course, nobody was watching Nitro at that point anyway.

Yes, folks, DJ Ran still sucks hot Madden carcass.

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