WCW Monday Nitro - May 29, 2000

WCW Monday Nitro - May 29, 2000

By Aldo

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Jason T. sends the following arena report:

I arrived at the arena at 4:35 to get Jeff Jarrett's autograph, since he wasn't able to sign when he was here the day the tickets went on sale. He wasn't actually signing, but an E-Center worker took them back to him, and he signed them. That took 25 minutes. He can't be that hard to find. I then walked four blocks to buy some poster board and a pen. I made my sign while walking back, but doubted it would be seen, as I was 13 rows back, behind the announcers.

I loved the last Nitro set, but this one took my breath away. Something about the main screen that amazed me.

We had no clue why Vampiro's pyro went off. We just assumed it was another mistake. Also, Donny Osmond was nearly booed out of the building, while Malone was introduced to muse-worthy cheers.

None of the Goldberg vignettes appeared on the screen as far as I know. I may be wrong. This may have been to add excitement to the arena crowd. Of course, there were plenty of signs proclaiming his return to the same building he made his debut in.

Kimberly's performance was pathetic. We appeared more clueless than she was. Don't give her any more dialogue rolls. Is she trying to act that ditsy? Nevermind. The Flair family has the acting talent. All of them are multi-talented.

The main event was genius. For the first time all night, I was excited. They made us believe that Flair was going to walk out as champion. Plus the trash being thrown into the ring was pure genius. Definitely one of the better main events on Nitro in recent memory.

I'd say that this was one of the better Nitros of the year. Everything seemed to click. There was a lot of action, and surprise. Maybe WCW will recognize the fans' enthusiasm, and will reward us with a Pay Per View.

DDT Digest's own King Leo sends the following arena report:

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