WCW Monday Nitro - Monday, May 22nd, 2000

By Greg Conley of GreatWrestling.com

What are you complaining about?
Isn't that what you like all your women to do?
The Good: The MIA/FA/Norman and Ralphus segments had me laughing my ass off. Reid vs. David was nicely done. Jarrett getting the Heavyweight Title was nicely done. Steiner vs. Steiner was also cool.

The Bad: Besides for the main event and the Cruiserweight Title the matches were all boring. Daffney having the Cruiserweight Title is giving me bad flashbacks to Madusa with the title.

The Ugly: That Major Guns was going to revive Ralphus and that screw up with Awesome/Douglas really was unacceptable since Russo should've known they were on right next to each other.

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