WCW Saturday Night - March 11th, 2000

WCW Saturday Night - March 11th, 2000

Bismarck, ND

By Dan (different Dan)


The Good: Some of the wrestling was pretty good. I had never heard of some guys, and wish it had stayed that way, but the tag matches were nice a solid, decent action

The Bad: I will never care about TAFKAPI. I don't care how he comes down to the ring. The Harris Boys are boring, Demon is worse. Although kudos to the Demon for bagging Asya!

The Ugly: This show being two hours is so boring. Unless they can put on exciting matches, I would normally not even think to watch this show. Understandably, they have to showcase some younger talent, but not on my time, thanks. I guess for most, there is very little to care about in WCW until Goldberg comes back, and they show the cojones to make him a heel. Just an opinion

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