WCW Superbrawl X, 02/20/2000

WCW SuperBrawl X
Sunday, February 20, 2000

By Xavier Doom

DDT Digest's own James sends the following arena report:

Here is my arena report for SuperBrawl. I was going to get more detailed about the matches themselves, but 1) I just didn't feel like taking many notes, and 2) the show blew major chunks.

San Francisco, CA. The Cow Palace. SuperBrawl 2000. They should've called it SuperBore 2000, it was so horrible. Duds galore, folks. I'll get right to brief, brief summaries of the matches and such, because most of them were tough to stomach.

Match 1: Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Finals: Lash LeRoux vs. TAFKA Prince Iaukea

This one was a complete dud. Lash had a few decent moves but both of them seemed lethargic and didn't execute very well. I was surprised WCW gave the belt to TAFKAPI, as well. What's he done to earn that belt? Nothing. This is what bugs me with WCW -- they'll give their belts to people who don't even deserve them.

What I'd have rather seen in this tournament would've been something like pushing one of the guys in 3 Count, like Shannon or Shane. Not Evan. See, I think those first two guys have some talent, but WCW's not using them very well (gee, where've we heard that before?). 3 Count gets heat, but it's not the kind of heat you want. It's the kind that equates to "You suck. Get outta here!" rather than the kind of heat generated from playing a role well. From what I've seen of Shannon and Shane, though, reminds me a bit of the Hardy Boyz. If WCW broke up 3 Count and tried to push S&S in a similar way as the Hardys, they might get some better heat.

But giving the belt to Iaukea is just pathetic. I don't expect him to have it for very long. Unfortunately, as much as I'd liked to have seen Lash win it, he didn't wrestle well enough in my opinion to deserve it, either.

Match 2: Hardcore Championship: Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Brian Knobbs

Your standard hardcore match with ample plundah thrown in. Nothing original, nothing of any real note. Just one of your basic duds. The ending was stupid as well, but to be honest I can't even remember it well enough to recall what happened.

Match 3: Handicap Match: Norman Smiley vs. 3 Count

WCW had a chance to push Norman a little more but, as usual, they managed to screw it up. About the only highlight of this one was Smiley's big backdrop over the top rope. One thing -- this was supposed to be a 3-on-1 handicap match. What the hell are they doing with 3 Count having to tag in at one point?!? No sense at all. Another point -- Smiley seemed to be the picture of health UNTIL 3 Count took off his Jerry Rice jersey to expose his bandaged ribs. Yeah, okay. I expected Smiley to overcome the odds and win, but sure enough they jobbed him to 3 Count. Well, F*** You, WCW©. I've always wanted to say that.

Match 4: The Demon vs. The Wall

They billed this as a "main event" sort of match, and I've heard that was part of whatever deal WCW made with KISS. Whatever. This match was a complete waste of time. There was nothing of any value to report on this match. I went with my cousin and a friend, and this was the match we waited for to make the nacho run on.

Match 5: Skins Match - Leather Jacket on a Pole

Another dud. Just a lot of brawling. Ho-hum. When is WCW going to realize we don't care about crap like this? However, that spill Big Al took at the end looked pretty bad.

Match 6: Harlem Heat Ownership Match: Booker vs. Big T

Yet another BS ending. Just when it looked like Booker was going to win and get the rights to Harlem Heat back (ignoring what a stupid gimmick THAT was), the lights go out and some big fat guy I've never even seen shows up and distracts Booker long enough for Ahmed, I mean Big T, to get the win. I think this deserves another F*** You, WCW©.

Booker's one of the guys who they're going to need to carry them now that they lost Benoit, Malenko, Saturn, and Eddy. Might as well throw Jericho into that group, too. People like Hogan and Flair are on the way out, even if the fans still pop for them. It's time for WCW to realize that they need to focus more on the younger guys and develop them more, get them more exposure, better gimmicks.

I'm just afraid they're going to have Booker start calling himself "The Book," with a finishing move called the "Book Return" or something like that. Gag. I wouldn't put it past them.

Match 7: Kidman vs. Vampiro

Here's where the PPV started to pick up. It was on its way with Booker carrying the match before, but the BS ending screwed that one up. There was a good pace between Kidman and Vamp, but there were a few spots that looked glaringly sloppy. I liked Vampiro's double powerbomb-like move. However, the ending came as a surprise to me...it just came too soon and out of the blue, it seemed. That took this one down a notch for me. Vampiro put in a pretty decent match, though. Got some cheers from the crowd afterwards.

Match 8: Sicilian Stretcher Tag Team Championship: The Mamalukes vs. David Flair/Crowbar

So-so match. A better "hardcore" match than the Bigelow/Knobbs match, but this one still wasn't much to talk about, aside from a number of decent spots. Daffney's move in the ring was really cheesy and unbelievable. The one move that stuck with me the most was Johnny the Bull's top-rope leg drop after he hopped in the corner from the mat. That takes some dexterity. The Mamalukes seem to be a good enough tag team to have the belts, but right now it seems like the tag team division is in the pits again. Look for Harlem Heat to grab the belts again soon, I think.

Then we had the Cat. Annoying as usual, but lo and behold, once the real James Brown comes out everyone cheers. I HOPE it was more for the Godfather of Soul than it was for the Cat, even if he cut a good rug. The crowd popped big time, but I found myself not really caring that much after the initial excitement of seeing James Brown. It was just pointless in the end. What does that get us? A feud between the Cat and the Maestro? Tell me when it's over. I could care less.

Match 9: Special Death Match: Ric Flair vs. Terry Funk

Somewhere along the way I was expecting Dustin Rhodes to turn on Funk and side with Flair, but he didn't do a thing. There were a lot of LOUD chops by Flair but not a whole lot past that, to be honest. Funk's chest did look about as red as a lobster by the end of it. Some nice table spots by Funk, but what the heck was up with that ending? Funk piledrives Flair outside, once on the concrete, then he piledrives him through a table (which was a pretty nice spot), but one toss from Flair into the table and Funk's out? Give me a break. I may not think too much of Funk at this point in his career, but that's an insult. What a joke.

Match 10: Hulk Hogan vs. Lex Luger

Well, the Hulkster got the biggest pops of the night, I believe. Healthy "Hogan" chant a few times. Sounded like "Rogaine" if ya ask me. All in all though, the match itself was nothing to really talk about. Basic Hogan match, basic Luger match. The only thing that made this even worth it was the Sting run-in at the end, but anyone could've predicted that. It's not a shock if it's not a true surprise. Huge pops for both of them at the end, though.

Match 11: No DQ Heavyweight Championship Match: Sid Vicious vs. Scott Hall vs. Jeff Jarrett

Nothing that REALLY stood out in this one...everyone got their shots in and it was active, but nothing really spectacular happened. So Sid's still champ. Yippee. Wondering if they're going to strip him of the belt because of Piper -- isn't he supposed to be, I dunno, unemployed by WCW as far as storylines go at the time?

The part everyone probably didn't see was after the match, with Scott Hall. He stayed laid out in the middle of the ring for a LONG time after the cameras went off, and at this point in time (Sunday night) I still don't know what happened to him. My gut tells me he probably suffered a pretty bad concussion from the combination of Jarrett's guitar shot and Sid's power bomb, but I don't know. A few minutes after the show ended, Penzer got on the mic and called for a trainer to come to the ring and they kept Hall laying there for a long time. We left about 20 minutes after everything ended and he was still in the same position. They seemed to be immobolizing his neck as a precaution and they were checking his legs, presumably to see if there was any feeling there. I don't know what happened after we left, but security was telling the crowd that lingered to get out. I just hope Hall's all right. It really didn't come off as something that was being faked.

4Wrestle.com is reporting that Scott Hall was seriously injured at SuperBrawl:

"Blake Norton of The Bagpipe Report reports that after the main event match at Super Brawl, Scott Hall appeared to be seriously injured. There is possibility that it is a work, but he remained flat on his back in the ring for 20 minutes after taking Sid's power bomb. All of this went on after the show went off the air. 5 men immediately began working on Hall. He was put in a neck brace while breathing very erratically. People were ushered out of the building during the scene."

Nothing I didn't really tell you already. I highly doubt something like this would've been a work.

As far as PPVs go, this was a total waste of my time and money and I feel for anyone else who paid to see crap like this. I went to SuperBrawl last year and it was far more enjoyable than this one. WCW's house show in Oakland a few months ago was better, and WWF's house show a few months ago in San Jose blew SuperBrawl 2000 out of the water, hands down. Maybe WCW's struggling to find a new way to go since they've recently lost some of their top talent, but if this is the best they can do for a PPV, then they've got some serious, serious problems.

WCW needs to get their act together behind the curtains, first of all. They don't seem to have any sense of direction and it seems painfully clear to me. They're still relying too much on the old guard, people like Hogan, Flair, Funk, Nash, and probably even guys like Sting and the Hitman. They're still giving these guys the most attention and hoping that they'll continue to make it pay off, but they're neglecting everyone else.

While they have some good talent, they need to develop it more. As much as I like Norman Smiley, this whole "Screamin' Norman" gimmick is old and tired. It was funny the first few times, but not any more. Turn him into more of a legitmate threat and people should react to him with more than just amusement. Booker T (oh, sorry, can't use the "T" any more) is one of the guys who should be carrying them, yet they job him in stupid ways. I've already suggested what they do with 3 Count. They can get rid of Evan for all I care. The Wall needs to go. The Demon needs to go (what the HELL were they thinking with that one??). Tank Abbott needs to go. David Flair, to be honest, doesn't belong in the ring. I like Vampiro and hope WCW works him into more things. Same with Lash LeRoux, but he needs to step things up a bit to earn it. I think Crowbar (Devon Storm) has a bright future with WCW if they don't misuse him. Aside from that? I don't know. WCW hasn't really given too many other people enough of a chance to let us get much of an impression of them. Think things are bad right now? Wait until the old guys are gone and if WCW hasn't put enough time and thought into who's going to step up for them when that happens, they're going to be in worse shape than they are now.

Unless they really turn things around, this is the last WCW event I'm going to, and I'm going to have a very hard time even convincing myself to watch Nitro and Thunder now. Ugh.

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