WCW Monday Nitro - November 22nd, 1999

WCW Monday Nitro - November 22nd, 1999

Detroit, Michigan

By Creed

Make NO mistake out this, friends. I *am* biased toward the WWF. I love the Hardys, I sing along with the Rock, I say Foley is God and I *do* 'think I know him.' (Edge) I say the three Dudley commandments, and I cheer on Y2J.

Despite that, I can definitely say I enjoy watching WCW again. It's entertaining, and while I like some of the longer matches that allow for the showcasing of true talent like Benoit, Malenko, Kidman, Saturn, Eddy, and the lucha contingent, I am perfectly willing to sacrifice a little ring work for matches that I actually *care* about. And people I actually want to see.

Except for Ed Ferrera.

I know Bill says it's not wrong since WWF and Ross crossed the line way before this, since they brought the matter up first. While I normally support Bill and think highly of his opinion, I offer this rebuttal:

Listen to your girlfriend, spouse, fiancee, or significant other make a complaint about themselves. Wait one week, when the subject is *completely* dropped, notice the same problem on her. Be sure to complain about it in the exact same way she did - you should be okay, considering she brought the matter up first.

Let me know what happens... :j

Trivia Answer: Bret Hart, and the late, great Gorilla Monsoon.

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