WCW Monday Nitro - November 1, 1999

WCW Monday Nitro - November 1, 1999

Minneapolis, MN

By Wade

"I want my two dollars!!!"
An anonymous reader sends in the following arena report:
I am an MBA student at the University of Minnesota. I found your page on a web search on Yahoo. I never have the time nor the stomach to endure a full three hour Nitro.

I have a mutual friend who got free tickets to Nitro tonight and was nice enough to offer me one knowing I am a WCW fan. I was excited to go, I had not seen a live event since the waning days of the AWA when Baron von Rashke was older than Hogan. Granted, I did not drink before I attended, but holy shit was it boring. The crowd was dead, no one got any heat. The only reaction came from Torrie Wilson, the Nitro Girls, Larry Hennig, and when Benoit hit the flying headbutt. There was about a total of literally 15 minutes of wrestling the entire show as seems to be the trend. Otherwise, the crowd had no idea what the hell was going on with all the backstage shit. The only thing that was at all interesting was to see the way a television show is put together and watching several thousand people getting progressively more drunk. The crowd was merely a prop on a tv show, the event was not geared at all for those in attendance. Overall, it was a very disappointing experience for a longtime fan.

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