WCW Saturday Night - September 25th, 1999

By Mel

Heya, folks. The unabashed king of the DDT Digest scab squad returns to you, butt splinters and all, to cover our good man Dan's Saturday Night report this week.

The overall feedback from my Nitro report was overwhelming--I never really understood that putting one of these reports together was such a time-consuming labor of love, and trust me, after having done it twice in a little over a week, I have a newfound respect for all of your usual suspects.

But now we come to WCW Saturday Night. Formerly the flagship program of the Molasses Wrestling Federation, Saturday Night has felt the wrath of WCW's generally declining quality in booking and character work over the last year or so. There's been idle chatter about turning the block into a recap-only show, and nixing Worldwide, but I concur that such a decision would be expressive of a new level of stupidity: Believe it or not, WCW Saturday Night has a huge cult following, since it's the last bastion of true match-by-match wrestling to be found on our cable boxes.

Jimmy Hart is in line to handle the show's booking and anglework, which may be explanative of as to why we've seen a stronger interest in Saturday-exclusive angles a'la the Alan Funk/Kid Romeo work, the Darsow angle-memory crisis deal, and such. Hart has a much less exclusive eye when it comes to his booking, and is willing to make gold out of greens and has-beens. I say more power to the guy.

As a final note before we throw some ketchup on the shank of the wrestling week, I was called on my dubious ICP error by several diehard juggaloes in the DDT Digest bleachers after the Nitro report. To clear things up concerning the Dead Pool theme song, I dropped a line to Bob Barnett.

He replied that the ICP/Vampiro theme isn't on the Jekel Brothers album at all, but will instead be featured as an exclusive on the upcoming WCW: The Themes disc, which will be released sometime before we're all vying for a spot at the rest home vista window.

Sorry for the confusion.

We are TAPED for two hours of Saturday Night WCW action!

Match Number One: El Dandy vs. Lenny (w/Lodi) for the WCW Cruiserweight Title.

Promos for the Hogan and Flair Superstars Series videos.


We're back, with Mike and Scott in the mystery box they call their studio.

We run some footage from the Alan Funk/Kid Romeo matchup on last week's edition of WCWSN.

Match Number Two: Kid Romeo vs. Alan Funk

Halloween Havoc promo, with Sid and Goldberg.


Chromebean Gene shills the hotline, with a bunch of garbage about the WCW backstage shakeups and the WWF-Playboy dramatics for the Save Rena Mero's PseudoCareer Drive '99.

Match Number Three: "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan vs. "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton

We see the Sting retrospective once again.


The Bluster Brothers are alive and well in the studio.

We're about to meet our new member of the WCW Saturday Night announcing team.

We take a look back at the Sid/Booker T incidents from Thunder.

Match Number Four: Erik Watts vs. Lord Steven Regal (w/ Squire Dave Taylor)


Halloween Havoc Promo.

We take a look back at Sting and Benoit from Nitro.

Match Number Four: Disco Inferno vs. Spyder


Gene Mean shills the hotline as if he's got something new to report over the last half hour.

Match Number Six: Norman Smiley vs. Scotty Riggs


We take a look back at the Eddy/Saturn match from last week's Nitro.

Match Number Seven: Lash LaRoux vs. "Crippler" Chris Benoit for the WCW Television Title

Malenko, Saturn, and the Hamburglar make their way to ringside.


Mike and Scott ramble over the Goldberg/Sid NyQuil Challenge 99'.

Match Number Eight: Little Jeannie vs. "The Great" Mona


We come back to stills of the Brad Armstrong/Berlyn confrontation from our prior show.

Match Number Nine: The Armstrong Brothers vs. The First Family (w/Jimmy Hart)

All in all, a great show, and exemplary of Bill's oft-voiced platform for trimming the fat off of Nitro into a lean two-hour show. Considering we had nine matches, the brunt of which were decent contests, in less than one hundred and twenty minutes.. should say something.

I'm outta here, folks. Dan should be back next week. See you off the bench!

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