WCW Monday Nitro - Monday, 08/09/99

WCW Monday Nitro - Monday, 08/09/99

Boise, ID

By Wade

I was hoping for "Brush your teeth after every meal".

Chris R. sends the following arena report:

We were at the Show in Boise tonight and some interesting stuff happened you may not have seen on TV. We arrive at 5 the tickets say we start at 5:30. We start at 6pm.
They play Goldberg's old music and the crowd goes nuts for a security guy who is bald with a goatee and is standing near the entrance.
The theme of tonight's Nitro Boise crowd will be the word "Idiot".

Pre-TV Penzer tries to hype us up
He mentions Chad Brock
We boo the hell out of him
He mentions DJ Ran
We boo the hell out of him again
He turns the tide and mentions the Nitro girls
He gets a good pop

I had pretty good seats I am in the main camera angle all night.
I still fail to get my DDT Digest sign on TV except for a brief moment when you can see half of it at the end of the show behind Kevin Nash. I am an idiot.

Some guy on the floor near the ring holds up his ICP sign for most of the first match, blocks my view and the view of about a dozen other people. He was an idiot.

We have some kids in front of us who spend a lot of the night standing on their chairs and holding big signs in the air, blocking our view A LOT of the time.
Glad I spent 27 bucks to look at the back of some kid's sign.

The crowd was pretty hot and popped for just about everyone. The building was real hot and every time they did flames for someone you could feel the temperature rise. It never did go back down.

Lots of chants:
"Rednecks suck"

We booed Rodman pretty heavily..and the West Texas Rednecks

The crowd cheered Savage. Idiots. Nothing like your monster heel getting a face pop.

DJ Ran kept playing songs then stopping them in the middle and telling us to sing along during commercial breaks. He also tried some mixing during songs like "Back in Black" and "Detroit Rock City" and others. This was getting him booed.
Note to DJ Ran: Just shut up and play the music. He is an idiot.

In defense of WCW, we probably confused the hell out of them. We booed the rap guy. We booed the country guy. We just wanted to Rock and or Roll.

The place went NUTS when Benoit won the title. He got the fourth biggest crowd pop of the night when that happened. He did blow an atomic drop spot horribly, though. It missed by like a foot, can't be perfect everytime.

Almost no match was bad from a live perspective.

Red and Yellow Hogan... Got by far the biggest loudest crowd pop of the night. Goldberg and Sting were a distant second. Hogan's pop was like 3 minutes long and the crowd was screaming over every punch he did. Good Lord, now he will never retire. Idiots.

I would like to apologize to WCW for the Boise fans who THREW things into the ring. This happened on several occasions. It was especially bad after Nitro went off the air. I mean the trash was raining down on the ring when Sid, Nash and Steiner were in there. Nash got on the stick. I am paraphrasing:

You are all really cool throwing things in the ring like that. How cool are you gonna' be when you hit some little kid and take his eye out? If you wanna throw stuff, why not come down to the ring and try throwing a few punches at me?
At this point Sid, Nash and Steiner climbed into the ring and Nash looked PISSED OFF big time. The idiot next to me started to head for the ring but his wife held him back. She probably did not want her man becoming a grease spot on the ring.

Throwing things into the ring is stupid/ I wonder how people would like it if someone came to their place of work and threw things at them...for doing their job! I wish someone had made it to the ring...they would have been destroyed, and I would have laughed. Pretty good show, I hope they come back some time, just no shooting flames..we were dying of heat...and no DJ Ran and no more Rodman, please.

Oh, yeah, Goldberg busted open the back of his head (looked like the wound from last week). After it was all said and done you could see blood on Steiner and Hogan and Tony did not get booed when he came down. My "Weasel" chant never took off.

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