WCW Monday Nitro - Monday, 07/26/99

WCW Monday Nitro - Monday, 07/26/99

Memphis, TN

By Wade

Stevie Ray: The patron saint of DDT Digest

Tom, owner of the Kaz Hayashi page, sends the following arena report:

I attended Nitro at the Mid-South Coliseum here in Memphis, and it was pretty good. Before the matches began, I bought a program and looked over who was scheduled to be here. Arn Anderson, Asya, Bam Bam Bigelow, Barbarian, Barry Windham, Bobby Duncum Jr., Booker T, Brian Knobbs, Brad Armstrong (yes!), Buff Bagwell, Brian Adams, Chase Tatum, CHASTITY!!! CHAVO!!! Chris Benoit, Ciclope, Curt Hennig, Dave Taylor, David Flair (I thought he might be losing his belt tonight), Dean Malenko, DDP, Disco(where's he been?), Eddy, Fit Finlay, Goldberg, Gorgeous George, Hak, Hugh Morrus, Jerry Flynn, Juvi, Horace, Hollywood, Kanyon, KAZ!!! Kendall Windham, Kidman, Konnan(NO!), Lex Luger(NO!!!), Miss Elizabeth, Macho Man, Madusa, Mike Enos, Mikey Whipwreck(YES!), Miss Madness, Nash, Saturn, Stevie Ray, Iaukea, Psychosis, Public Enemy, Raven, Mysterio, Rick Steiner, Piper(NO!), Riggs, Shane Douglas, Sid, Sonny Onoo, Spyder (Eddy's bodyguard), Steve Regal, Sting, Swoll, The Cat, Vincent, TORRIE!!! Van Hammer, 4x4, and the Nitro Girls.

Well, I'd brought some signs. Blitzkrieg signs and he's not here. A Kaos sign and he's not here either. Well, at least Kaz is here. My brother also has a Harlem Heat sign.

Dark Match: John Tenta d. Lash LeRoux with what looked like a Canadian backbreaker.

-I was a bit surprised to see Lash, since he wasn't on the lineup. I was even more surprised to see Tenta. There were a few "Golga" chants during this match. Tenta basically squashes poor Lash.

Nitro comes on, and before the opening we are treated to Hollywood Hogan doing an interview. Blah blah blah, Nash comes out, blah blah, Sting comes out, Sid comes out, you get the picture.

Match #1: Juvi & Psychosis vs. Bobby Duncum Jr. & Kendall Windham
-For some reason, the "Rap is Crap" they played in the arena didn't have any words, other than "I hate rap."
-My brother and I tried to start a "Mexico" chant in this one. We were pulling for Juvi and Psi, but of course they lost.
-Duncum and Windham win with a double bulldog, though I forget which of the Luchas they did it on, I think it was Psychosis.

Miss Madness and Madusa backstage. Madusa seems to be really over with the crowd.

Match #2: Vincent (w/Horace) vs. Stevie Ray
-My brother didn't get his Harlem Heat sign on TV in this match. Most of the signs they showed were Sting or Goldberg signs.
-Vincent and Horace "accidentally" hit each other. Then Stevie Ray nails Vince with the Slapjack. I'm not sure, but I think Booker T was in the aisle with a chair.

Match #3: Vampiro vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.
-VAMPIRO! Wasn't expecting to see him.
-Mini-Me makes his way out. Will he become the next victim of the 30-day rule? I don't think this is a title match, since Vampiro's not a cruiserweight.
-ICP runs in and DQ's Vampiro. It looked like Vamp had his face painted in the style of ICP.
-Eddy runs in, and a huge "Eddy" chant begins.

Match #4: Prince Iaukea vs. Lash LeRoux
-Iaukea! I kind of like him.
-Lash? Again? Wow, this is nice. I get to see Lash wrestle twice in the night.
-Whoops, spoke too soon. Here comes Macho F*cker to interrupt another good match.
-When Macho Man faced my section of the arena, I made an obscene gesture at him. I think he may have seen it, but he didn't do anything about it.
-Does anyone care about Rodman? They interrupted a Lash-Iaukea match for THIS?!

Match #5: Evan Karagias vs. The Cat
-After Karagias came out, I was half-expecting Kaz to be his opponent. Didn't happen.
-Buff came out and distracted the Cat. While he's distracted, Evan rolls him up for the 3-count. The classic upset. I think the crowd was as shocked as Evan was that he won. I didn't see it coming until Buff came out.
-The Cat seemed legitimately pissed when he lost. But when isn't he pissed?

Match #6: Mikey Whipwreck vs. Steve Regal
-Mikey Whipwreck looks a lot like my Academic Team coach...with a bad wardrobe.
-During the match, the First Family makes their only appearance of the night. When they came into the entranceway, I thought this might go the same way as the last one, but Mikey just got a two-count. Funny, since Jimmy Hart's from here, you'd think we'd see a little more of him.
-Regal wins with the Regal Stretch. There were quite a few "USA" chants during this one.

Match #7: Curt Hennig vs. Goldberg
-I like Megadeth, but Goldberg's old music was better.
-A rather short match. Goldberg basically speared all of the West Texas Rednecks. I didn't see the finish, because some jerk a couple of rows in front of me was standing on top of his seat.

After this match, Penzer announced that the third hour was about to begin. I didn't have a watch, so I didn't realize that it was still that early.

Match #8: Madusa vs. some woman
-I don't know who the woman was and I couldn't hear Penzer's announcing.
-I didn't see much of this match. I just know that Madusa won and then threw that woman's belt or whatever at her.

Match #9: Scott Putski vs. Shane Douglas
-Damnit! What is Putski doing here?
-Oh, jobbing to Douglas. At least he makes it watchable.
-Douglas rules! He beats Putski with what looked like a Brainbuster.

Match #10: Chris Benoit vs. David Flair
-Once I saw Charles Robinson in the ring, I basically knew what would happen.
-David looked like he stole Lodi's wardrobe. I swear it looked like he was wearing leather hotpants.
-Benoit applies the Crossface, Flair taps out and Little Gnat, of course, pretends not to notice. The crowd went wild when Benoit did the thumb-across-throat motion.
-DDP runs in and, once again, Robinson pretends not to notice. Then Flair pins Benoit. What a shitty ending.
-Afterwards, a brawl ensues with the Triad and Benoit, Saturn, Malenko, and Douglas. Looks like they've dropped Bagwell from this group and stuck Douglas in, which is much better.

Match #11: Rick Steiner vs. Chase Tatum
-Steiner comes out first. I wonder why?
-His opponent: Chase Tatum. Tatum's not coming out to the "Hooty-Hoo" crap, though he is announced as representing the No Limit Soldiers.
-This match was short. I looked down at my program and when I looked up, it was over.

Match #12: Hogan & Sting vs. Nash & Sid
-Hogan's mystery partner is Sting.
-Nash's partner is...Sid? Everybody in the arena thought it would be Hall. Guess we were all wrong.
-Sid botches every single move in this match.
-Another screwjob in the main event. That sucked.

Then it's over. Kaz didn't show. Chavo didn't show. Chastity didn't show either. No Public Enemy, no Riggs, no Armstrong, no Disco.
On the other hand...Van Hammer didn't show. Konnan didn't show. Luger didn't show. The First Family didn't wrestle, though they did show up. Other than Chase, no No Limit Soldiers, and I was spared from all the "hooty-hoo." Got to see Lash...twice. Karagias showed. Vampiro was there.
Oh yeah, and I picked up a secret on how to get on TV. The cameraman who goes through the crowd was walking around, and he saw my Kaz sign. Unfortunately, his camera was off, but he said it's the first Kaz sign he's ever seen and that's a good way to get on TV...bring signs for obscure wrestlers and hope they show up. Maybe I should have brought a Lash sign...

Hal H. from Starkville, MS sends the following arena report:

I just wanted to tell you about my experience at Nitro in Memphis. It was a great show!!! My two friends and I had seats on the fifth row by the railing where the wrestlers walk in. I even got David Flair's blood pressure to go up. When he left the ring during his match with Benoit; I was the one he told to shut up, TWICE. I loved it.
After the show my friends and I went to a local hang-out where we say Randy Anderson, Hugh Morrus, Public Enemy, Sonny Onno, and Saturn. Rocco Rock talked to me for a minute or two.

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