WCW Thunder - Thursday, July 1, 1999

By Dan

The Good: The whole show was really pretty damn good.  I didn't despise any one segment and the weaker stuff was kept short.  This show proves that WCW can put on a quality show that still has a lot of wrestling and story in it.

The Bad: Misterio needs to lose the belt and so does Steiner (both just in case you were wondering which one).

The Ugly: Actually this did irk me quite a bit.  Tenay and Larry were using Owen Hart's death to help promote Bret's being at the Georgia Dome this Monday.  Yes he has been vocal about it, but that should have been one place where both companies just stayed away.  I thought it was kind of tacky to use Owen's death as sort of a let's see how Bret "shoots" on the WWF now.

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