WCW Monday Nitro - Monday, 05/24/99

WCW Monday Nitro - Monday, 05/24/99

Greenville, South Carolina

By Wade

Owen Hart: 1965 - 1999
Neill B. sends the following arena report:
I attended Nitro at the Bilo Center and thought I would tell of what everyone didn't see. I arrived about 4:36 that afternoon and was able to see a lot of wrestlers arriving/lounging in the parking lot behind the building. Hak,Erik Watts,and Mike Enos were standing around a car talking, Raven(who was already in wrestling gear) and Saturn came out to join them. Mark Curtis was back there walking around looking for something. The doors opened at 6:33 to let us in and I went straight for the merchandise table for my Horseman shirt. I was seated in the lower bowl, near the tunnel where Sting came out of through the crowd.

At 7:33, Penzer came out to speak to us (btw ,whatever happened to the old ring annoucer Gary Cappeta(sp?)?). He wanted to see all of our signs, just so the sign nazis could see which ones to take away later. There was only one dark match, Lash Leroux and Johnny Swinger defeated Two Jobbers (I didn't catch there names).

Nothing much happened during the breaks other than Hennig standing up and complaining about rap music. DJ Ran was playing Beastie Boys, Queen, and Metallica at some points of the show.

There was actually two people inside the monster truck, Luger and the driver (who hid himself when Luger stuck his head out).

When DDP was coming out for the main event, Bigelow almost got blasted by the "BANG" pyro because he didn't come out fast enough (that is why he was a little late). The fan who rushed in the ring was actually a guy who calls himself "Fred the Freak" and usually is on our local rock station the 93.3FM The Planet, incidently he only got a $200 citation for disturbing the peace and was released.

After the cameras went off, someone nailed Piper in the back with a cup and he casually turns around and gives a thumbs up to the guy. Someone threw a drink at Heenan and Fat Tony after the show, too.

I thought it was a good show for my first Nitro ever, unfortunately Hak, Kanyon, and Jericho didn't come out.

Remember that there is a little Blue Blazer in all of us.

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