WCW Nitro - 1/18/99

WCW Nitro - 1/18/99

Columbus, OH

By Wade

And, now, coming down the runway wearing Giorgio Armani's latest creation...

Brian F. from Ohio State University sends the following arena report:

Coming back from my first Nitro, and I definitely enjoyed myself. I had incredible seats that I didn't have to pay for. The Jericho/Booker T match stole the show in my opinion. I thought it was amazing, even though Jericho lost. Juvi and Psychosis entertained, but I wish I could have seen the 450 splash.

The crowd seemed pretty hot, but it calmed down a little toward the middle. I thought Konnan had a relatively good interview, but maybe that's because I don't expect much. The Saturn/Steiner match wasn't that bad, and it looked like Steiner took an extremely hard shot from Saturn's foot.

I'd say overall the crowd went home satisfied, they got to see a double spear and jackhammer, and that's all the marks wanted. I'm not sure when Nitro went off the air, but nothing special really happened at the end. The Horsemen and Goldberg controlled the ring while the Wolfpac left. Goldberg walked out to a huge pop, and it got bigger when he turned around at the entrance-way. I felt I got my 20 bucks worth, and I even got to meet Ralphus.

Holtpac from the Westside Wrestling Connection writes the following.......

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