WCW Halloween Havoc '98, 10/25/98

WCW Halloween Havoc '98
Sunday, October 25, 1998

By Xavier Doom

God bless The Warrior!!!
Er, that's it. I have to go now and call the hotline just incase Warrior is grunting into the phone, celebrating his victory.
And I guess I should change my pants.
One last note: As I write this, it is about 15 minutes after the feed was cut prematurely. The operator I just spoke with at the cable company sounded quite frazzled. Apparently, scores of angry wrestling fans have the switchboard lit up. I politely asked for a refund, and she offered the repeat for free. I told her the repeat is well underway, and will also be incomplete. She was baffled by this, and I agreed to call back in the morning when the decision makers are back at work. I want a refund or a free and complete replay.
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