WCW Monday Nitro - Monday, 10/19/98

By Wade

Ray H. sends the following arena report:
No dark matches again for this Monday Nitro, however this is what you didn't see on TV: Thumbs up and Thumbs down:

Thumbs Up:
For the DDP/Goldberg run in. Everyone in the crowd was yelling to "let them go!" Good job of building heat between two faces before the PPV.

Thumbs Down:
The Crowd for doing the wave during the Rey Jr./Kidman match. This was a GREAT match despite Rey Jr. not being anywhere near his old self. The Vikings have the same complaint for the crowd doing the same and making too much noise while they are on offense.

Cheap Pop of the Night:
Michael Buffer mentioning the 6-0 Minnesota Vikings during the commercial break.

Biggest Pop of the Night:
For the Ric Flair/Mayor of Minneapoliss/John Randle/Kirby Puckett segment. To have Minnesota sports legends Randle, Puckett AND Flair in the ring at the same time was a dream come true for every Minnesota sports fan. Not too mention seeing Bischoff's car being towed was downright hilarious!

Worst Pop:
The Warrior, nuff said.

Best Heat:
Tie - Scott Steiner/Kitty Be Badd. I guess cheap heat is the best heat.

Worst Heat:
Despite one of Hogan's best segments in months, a loud "boring" chant was in full force.

Bonehead Award:
Ray H. for having great seats but forgetting his camera....doh!

[Note from Bill: Sorry, no JPGs this week. Had a power outage for a fraction of a second during the day, and that shut off the cable converter. The VCR taped three hours of static.]
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