WCW Thunder - Thursday, October 1st, 1998

WCW Thunder - Thursday, October 1st, 1998

By Aldo

Curt Hennig and Scott Hall, AWA World Tag Team Champions, 1/18/86 - 5/17/86

Brandon B. from Virginia Beach, VA sends the following arena report:
I was at the show in the Norfolk Scope tonight. They taped four matches before the live show, and the rest after the live show. Here's a list of the matches taped for Thunder, no dark matches were held.
DonAustin sends the following arena report:
Hey I just got back from Thunder and thought I would send you an arena report while I am waiting for the replay. The show in a whole sucked in my opinion. The night started out with Penzer's usual announcements of the rules and who's in the house. First match (I don't know if there were any dark matches or not so I can't say which is which) Diamond Dallas Page kicked the crap out of Lodi with the usual Diamond Cutter. Lodi came out with a mic and blamed DDP for all the misery in his life. It was a very short match.
Next match they had was (Goldberg's worst nightmare) Jerry Flynn facing Mean Mike Enos (You know why keep calling the man Mean if he's wearing Pink and White Tights? That does defeat the purpose right?) After about 5 minutes of non-stop action (sarcasm) Scott Hall came out and got in the ring (he didn't trip this time) and said it was survey time. Well, Flynn got mad and got in Hall's face and then was force fed the mic. Then he gave the Outsider's Edge to both men. He took the survey and Norfolk is Wolfpac Country.
The next match featured Long John Scotty Riggs against Kanyon. Kanyon had the mic and said that Riggs was ungrateful and other insults. Kanyon then went on to win the match with the Flatliner.
Then that stupid Wildcat came out and did some flips and crap. (Note to self. KILL THAT D*** WILDCAT!!!!)
And then before I fell asleep Thunder started. I held my signs up high I don't know if they got on or not they got on TV. They said: During the first match me and my freinds noticed that when Steiner hit the bulldog, Hugh Morrus just stood there looking back at him. Even the refs got good pops tonight (Except Nick Patrick. The minute he walked out for the DDP/Lodi match we RAGGED him the entire night.) When Ernest Miller was wrestling we chanted "PussyCat".
During the Saturn match I don't care what anyone says PSYCHOSIS KICKED OUT!!! I was mad cause I wanted to see the Spicolli Driver.
After the show went off the air and Raven scraped Kanyon off the mat, Penzer announced that Raven challenged Goldberg for the World Tite TONIGHT. This is where I could just see Schiavone having a nervous breakdown about Raven challenging Goldberg.
The next match was Kidman vs Chavo Guerrero for the belt. Could have been a lot better considering the talent these two have. Kidman via Shooting Star Press.
Then Lenny Lane got his ass kicked by Hammer (what the hell is up with Hammers gimick? Is he supposed to be a hippie or something?)
The next match was an alright match. Konan beat Stevie Ray by DQ when Vincent attacked Konan after Ray hit him with the slapjack. Nash then came out for the save. Hall came out and taunted Nash but didn't do anything.
Then the MAIN EVENT!!!! (Sarcasm again) Penzer introduced Michael Buffer who did his crap. DDP did commentary for this match. Goldberg beat the snot out of Raven. Goldberg was laid out an a table and then moved so Raven went through the table VERY HARD!!!! He got in the ring and speared Raven and the REF (YES HE KILLED THE REF!!!) Kanyon hit him with the chair. DDP came in and nailed Kanyon with the Diamond Cutter. Jackhammer, Splat, Win.
All in all, I felt that I wasted 20 dollars on this. Didn't see Jericho. Benoit didn't wrestle. The Horsemen thing was the best part of the night. Another funny thing happened during the Cruiserweight title match. Kidman fell to the ground and Chavo hit him with a springboard Plancha and when he landed knocked the camera man down. The whole stadium laughed their rear ends off. The cameraman got up and yelled at the guy holding the cord for him.
JERM sends the following arena report:
I'm sure you've probably gotten a total show report from Thunder, but if you thought the Horsemen segment was good on TV (which after watching the replay when I got home, I thought it was) it was un-f***ing-believeable in the Scope. Even though the the place wasn't filled completely, and there were probably only about 10,000 people there, that was the loudest thing I'd ever heard in my life.
The WE WANT FLAIR's started at 7 when the taping for next week started and just kept going all night. And Flair's comment about spending $100,000 at Rogue's Gallery in 1987, that was no joke, I've seen Flair and his crew at Rogue's and I'm sure the bunch of them could spend $100,000 easy. Oh, and the guy with the PePe was my little brother, he stole it from the kid ahead of us who had the sign "PEPE the Vth HORSEMAN".
"The Real T-Bone" sends the following arena report:
I went to Thunder last night and I thought I'd drop you a line on the show.

What People liked:
Flair and the Horsemen. The crowd was in full of Flair marks (myself included). You would have to go to Charlotte To get a bigger pop.

Goldberg. The place went nuts for him. Lots of his shirts, too. I like him and versus Kanyon I rooted for him. However, when he took on Raven (a match for next week) I kept yelling for Raven to beat him and got some strange looks. You'll probably hear me on the tape because it was otherwise silent when Goldberg was losing.

The Wolfpac w/only two members were there...they still blow the joint up.

Scott Hall was the only true heel the crowd went for.

Also some support for Disco, Chavo, Wrath and would you believe Norman Smiley.

What we didn't like: Boring matches...there are a couple of real duds there, though a great main event.

Alex Wright got the most heel heat along w/Stevie Ray (Man, I used to be such a Harlem Heat fan)

Oh, and one last thing, the sign of the night: "MONICA RODE SPACE MOUNTAIN"

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