WCW Thunder - Thursday, 09/17/98

WCW Thunder - Thursday, September 17, 1998

By Xavier Doom

James Thornsberry of Wild Wayland Wrestling sends in the following arena report:
We arrived at the arena at about 6:30, which was the posted belltime. Once we found our seats, David Penzer made his way to the ring and we thought we were getting ready to start the festivities. He gave his usual speech, no throwing items towards the ring, no laser lights, etc. He brought out Wildcat Willie, who was waving a University of Kentucky flag to draw some heat, which of course it did since this is Wildcat Country. He then introduced Doug Dellinger, who was greeted with a chorus of boos. Then he introduced a couple, who we thought were getting married, but had won some sort of contest. The woman got in the ring and was handed the mic, and she said "Are you ready for some World Wrestling Championship action?" which got a LOT of laughs.

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After some more gibberish from Penzer, we were ready for the show. He said that some of the matches would be shown at a later date, which probably means we'll see them next week on Thunder. The first match was the The Disciple against Scott Armstrong, a great way to start the show. The Barber cut Armstrong down to size with a pitiful looking apocalypse for the win.

Up next was Raven against Kidman, which convinces me that Saturn will win their match at Fall Brawl. We tried our best to start a 'Raven' chant, but to no avail. We did have a brief 'Evenflow' chant for a few moments, but I'm not so sure if the audio picked it up or not.

Mike Enos defeated Lenny Lane...not much heat for either man.

Penzer came back into the ring and counted us down to Live Thunder. The nWo Hollywood music began and immediately the crowd began to chant 'Hogan sucks'. We could not hear a word of what Hogan was saying for all the boos. He definitely got the most heel heat of the night.

The cruiserweight title was up for grabs next. Earlier in the evening, when Penzer was announcing who was gonna be on hand, Juvie got booed!!! But he got a decent pop in this one. King's mouth was busted in this match, which we feel led to the strange finish.

I think during this commercial break was when a really good looking woman in the front row began to, how shall we say, disrobe? The Keystone cops soon made their way over to her and she put her shirt back on before we got to see anything. When they turned their backs to her, she flipped them off!! I think Doug Dillinger gave her his phone number, but I'm not certain.

The Jericho-Wrath Television title match was such a ripoff. Easily the most boos of the night when the referee called for the bell. When Wrath went to the back to chase Jericho away, the camera man forgot to shut down his camera, because you could see Wrath and Jericho stop running and they stood right beside one another!!

The Duggan interview was very sad. The entire crowd fell dead silent during this...I regret every harsh word I have ever tossed out at 'Hacksaw' and I wish him the best of luck!!

Saturn got a well deserved pop from the crowd in his 'confrontation' with Kanyon. Each maneuver he hit on Kanyon got a cool 'buh!' from the masses.

I am very proud to say that myself and my friends Jarrid and Alan got the "We Want Flair" chant started =). Arn Anderson got the second loudest pop of the night!! We're not really sure what happened to Mongo, but I'm not so sure that he was really hurt. The place also blew up when AA wrapped his hands around Eazy E's throat!

Lex Luger got a pretty good pop from the crowd, as did Bret Hart to my TOTAL suprise! I really don't know where they're going with this Bret Hart thing, but I just wish he would either be a heel, or a face, not a tweener.

The only thing missing in the Disco vs. K-Dawg match was an appearance from Tokyo Magnum. Disco drew some decent heat when he said that he and Alex Wright were ready to join the Wolfpac. Very quick job for Disco, we were suprised that Wright didn't interfere, he just turned his back on Disco.

Piper got a great pop from the crowd, probably the third best of the night. We had a feeling that Page was gonna show up in the crowd during this, because there was some commotion before Piper came out. Most of us missed our queue on the Hollywood "SCUM" Hogan chant, but everyone was in on the "Feel the Bang" chant.

Take a wild guess who got the best pop of the night....clue: It wasn't Goldberg...I'm lying by the way. The place absolutely came apart when he hit the spear!!!

We had a gut feeling that Stevie Ray would be involved in the main event, and boy were we right. I really don't understand why Stevie Ray has been thrust into main event status, when his brother is 10 times the athlete he is and is only a mid-carder. Big pop went to Nash, especially when he hit the jackknife on Vincent. The Scott Hall attack was a total suprise to everyone in attendance.

These are matches/altercations that happened after Thunder went off the air and will probably air next week...

Overall, a pretty good Thunder, considering the crap they had been booking as of late. After the show, I wrote "Autographs $5.00" on my Meng sign and drew an arrow pointing down to myself. It was hilarious because I was running around the arena acting like Meng and threatening random people with the Kick of Fear and the goozle!!! Unfortunately, I didn't have any takers on the autograph deal. Although I did walk up to my friend Alan in a group of people and cinched him in the goozle. I took him down with people all around watching.

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