WCW/nWo Fall Brawl, 9/13/98

WCW/nWo Fall Brawl - Sunday, 9/13/98

By Big Mike

Silver King rules!

Jordan W. from Washington, DC sends the following arena report:
Hey, I am a student at Wake Forest University and I was at Fall Brawl tonight. I thought that you might want to know some of the stuff that went on that you might not have seen on the broadcast.

One, is this was a HUGE wolfpack crowd. Very anti-black and white. During the cage match, the crowd was going nuts as the next contestant came to the ring and went absolutely silent when Stevie Ray came out.

Also, on the cage match, when Hogan snuck in the ring, he was carrying the "slap jack" and that's how he knocked everyone out. When Warrior ran in and Hogan ran out, the Disciple tried to lock the cage door, but when Warrior ran over and pushed the door, it swung right open. I don't think that was supposed to happen because Warrior looked really surprised and then he closed the door again and ran over to kick a whole out of the cage for his "escape".

One final thing, I think that Piper was actually hurt during the match. He stayed in the ring for a while after the filming stopped. A trainer came out and the Wolfpack guys stood over him looking pretty concerned. Then the Wolfpack left and after a little while Piper did too. My seats were behind the screen and I could see into the walkway/prep area - Piper didn't even make it to the dressing room before he had to rest. He seemed in a lot of pain and it looked like his face was bleeding, but I couldn't tell.

Anyway, I'm not sure if any of this was enlightening but I had a great time at the show! Oh yeah, one more thing. During the "Goldberg" match, the majority of the crowd couldn't see well enough and took a LONG time to figure out what was going on. And at the end of the whole pay-per-view there was a lot of booing. That happened at the last two Fall Brawls I was at, also. It's really difficult to watch a double cage match and figure out what is going on without announcers.

Mr. Zebra sends the following arena report:
Hey, I was lucky enough to attend Fall Brawl last night and thought I'd give you a few of my impressions from the arena.

There were TONS of Wolfpack shirts; I think it has something to do with some college team, I'm not really sure.

My friend Brandon and I had made the drive from Lynchburg, VA. If you've ever heard of it, we both run the Celebrity Superfight Main Event. (http://www.mrev.net/slack/main-event/) We created the "Goldberg Vs. a Speeding Truck" thing, which has gained semi-infamy to our own surprise.

Before the event went live, they were testing out some of the theme music over the P.A. The Horseman theme got a huge response, and started a deafening "We Want Flair" chant. This was the loudest and longest chant of the night, and it wasn't even on TV. John Boy and Billy were apparently in the audience, but we couldn't see them. They might have gotten a box or something.

For some reason, the crowd started chanting "USA" during the Disco/Wright Vs. Anvil/Davey Boy match. This of course pissed off the German and the Brit at the start of the match. Really weak match, the stuff at house shows are usually better than that.

Norman Smiley live on PPV! I doubt if you picked it up on the television, but several failed "NORMAN" (Just like the "Goldberg") chants were started, none of them catching on. From where I was sitting (Directly across from the Fall Brawl video screen), the Feliner was off by a mile. I wanted Smiley to win, damn it!

I was not pleased with the whole Buff thing. That's just not something you joke about, in my opinion. Some retarded 16 year old skater punk two rows in front of me screamed for Scotty the entire match, holding up his sign and shouting "THE POWER LIES IN BIG POPPA PUMP!!!" Uh, yeah. My friend made a comment that sort of went (In his best Scott Hall voice) "I think that kid's a little funny. He takes a left on Lenny Lane right onto Queer Street". Then the obvious "I bet he would like Scotty to pump him cracks". Brandon's weird. Earlier in the night, (During the Disco match, I think) the guy directly in front of me had nicely asked the kid to please keep his sign down when they were showing the match. The kid and his friend (With his mom sitting right next to them encouraging them to be jerks) eloquently told him to "suck it", and started holding the sign PURELY to block the guys view. The guy went to get a cop, and the cop basically brushed the guy off giving the kid a weak warning. Then the guy grabs the sign ("Kanyon") out of his hand, and the cop gets in his face. Of course, you don't go around taking matters into your own hand like that, but the fact that over 10 people (Including myself) were telling the cop that the kid's been intentionally egging the guy on should have been a clue.

Nothing of real note happened during the Silver King Vs. Juvi match, but I was almost fooled by his stocky physique. The audience got excited when Juvi pulled out his mad lucha-moves towards the end. It was a pretty good match.

Raven Vs. Saturn. Uh oh, here's cool skater kid again. At least this time, he stood in the walkway out of everyone else's view. He basically screamed for Kanyon the entire match, jumping up and down and waving his sign. "KANYON IS NUMBER ONE!!!" At one point, Kanyon glanced over at the kid and gave him a kinda weird look. I'd like to think that Kanyon was thinking what a idiot he was... As for the match, it was probably the best of the night for me. Kidman was out of there like a rocket after he dropkicked Raven, my friend sitting next to me completely missed it thanks to "Big Poppa Pump" mark. Lodi sign you may have missed: "Why Bill, Why?"

Malenko Vs. Henning. Any Horseman fans out there? After the match, when you heard the "We Want Flair" chants and the Halloween Havoc promo, you missed the loud BOOs when... Flair didn't show. I think pretty much everyone in the coliseum really expected him to come out, myself included. Bogus. One cool thing was that after Henning and Rude left, Arn and Malenko help each other up, and Arn said (As best as I can read lips) "It's time"

Scott Hall Vs. Konnan. K-Dawg! I don't know if the camera caught it, but Hall did DX crotch chops like three separate times. I'm pretty sure the rest holds were on account of two fights in the crowd. The first one had pretty much the whole audience's attention; it ended with a loud "Na na na na, hey hey... Goodbye" sing-a-long. The second happened when cool skater kid told some guy's wife across the walkway to "suck it" again. The guy started yelling, and the wife and another woman tried to pull him away... The kid just encouraged him. As they were leaving, the guy gave him a STRONG kick, that was inches away from connecting. It tore right through his "Big Poppa Pump" sign, ah damn. Skater kid's having the time of his life. Here come the cops to take the guy away. Once again, everyone's yelling for the cop to kick out the kids. A minute later, they come back with the guy's wife, and the cops kick out the kids and the mom. That made everyone sitting around us pretty happy. My friend reached out and gave the wife five, heh. While I can't really say that the guy did the right thing by swinging at the kid, I know pretty much everyone sitting around us wanted to do the same thing.

WarGames: The first time Warrior appeared, it seemed to me like it was a double. Hard to tell with all that smoke, and I couldn't get a good look from where I was sitting. I'm not certain, but I think the reason everyone was out cold was due to a Slapjack from Stevie "I got my Sears sucka pants sucka" Ray. Don't ask where that comes from. I honestly wasn't expecting DDP to win, but I can't wait to see him up against Goldberg at Halloween Havoc. Which face will WCW push?

Signs that may have not been on TV: "Legalize Flair", "Free Tupac Shakur" (Huh?), "Alex, Don't Toss!", "I'm Surrounded By Marks"

And that's when we made a run for the parking lot. Great show, I had a lot of fun.

Dark Claw 3:16 from Roxboro, North Carolina sends the following arena report:
I attended Fall Brawl last night. My friends and I paid 50 bucks for 4th row seats. We got royally screwed, and I'm not talking about the quality of the show. First of all, we walk inside the lobby and a staffer checks our signs. He let's us through and we go through the turnstiles. Well, three Winston-Salem cops converge on me like I'm Rodney King and take my signs from me and look at them. One cop takes one because I had "sucks" written on it. Then I get to my seats, and a staffer takes all my signs. He says that we're on the same side as the cameras so, no signs. At this point, I'm starting to get a little pissed. Well, we think we have good seats as we're right at one of the rings. However, the only matches in front of us were Disco/Alex vs. Bulldog/Anvil and The Cat vs. Norman Smiley. Every other match was in the ring farther down from us. Not only that, but the camera man climbed on the ring apron and blocked our view of the other ring. So, all-in-all I would say that WCW doesn't give a flying s**t about the fans or what they want. Massive "We want Flair" chants, and they couldn't even produce him a day early for his North Carolina fans. Unfortunately, people who paid less money for seats than we did, got treated better. I figured you would like to hear this, since the organizations should treat the fans better.
Jon H. from, Jonesville, NC sends the following arena report:
Pre-show: We, being myself, my wife, and a friend from work, get there at about 6:30. Despite the fact that 6:30 is printed on the tickets, there are no dark matches. The crowd doesn't seem to mind, however. They even cheer Arn Anderson's old theme music when it comes over the P.A. When Penzer mentions Team Wolfpack, there is a huge pop. Pops also for the Warrior and DDP, but the crowd is strangely silent for Piper's name. Even Penzer himself is cheered robustly. He spiels the rules, then points to the announcers, the Internet guys and the Spanish announcers. Penzer points to a section of the arena near where we are when introducing the Internet announcers. This'll come up again later.

Disco/Wright vs. Neidhart/Bulldog: Hyped crowd is slightly disappointed by first match. Disco is cheered; others are barely noticed. Loud "We Want Flair" chant. Crowd chants USA! USA! for Bulldog/Neidhart's benefit, which results in Wright covering his ears also.

Goldberg/Jericho: Wait a second. . .Goldberg never wrestles this early. Jericho gets nice heel heat, has everyone in stitches with his tantrums. Goldberg, no wait, a midget comes out. Match is funny, but the crowd shows its feelings with chants of Bull***t.

Cat vs. Smiley: OK everyone, let's go pee! I come back just as Cat is putting Smiley away. That's not even a Thunder quality match. Hey guys, the crowd's losing interest here!

Steiners: Fast exciting matchup while it lasts. No one, I mean NO ONE, buys Buff's act. The lengthy, drawn-out ending served to kill the crowd's enthusiasm that much more.

Juvi vs. Silver King: My wife asks "Who is that?" when Silver King comes to the ring. I warn her not to be fooled by his stocky physique. People who didn't get refreshments during Cat/Smiley (all 15 of them) go now. Crowd gets into it with the reverse Frankensteiner, then give a good pop to the 450.

Next, we watch the video wall as Konnan's Internet time is interrupted by Scott Hall. I look down to where I remember Penzer pointed, and by gum nobody's there. Did I imagine that, or was it taped earlier?

Raven vs. Saturn: Best match of the night, easily. Big pop to Kidman, who nails Raven with a beautiful missile dropkick, then splits. Crowd gets behind Saturn fully about midway through, and the roof comes off with the DVD through the table onto Lodi. Speaking of which, his sign "Why Bill, Why?" got laughter and scattered applause on our side. By the way, we're facing the main camera, upper level, 10 rows up.

It was around this time that security and Wildcat Willie came out to the ring, pushing a cart filled with free shirts, caps and other goodies. My friend Jody says he sees an open trapdoor on the cart when its wheeled away from the ring. Wonder who THAT could have been?

Malenko vs. Hennig: One of the finest scientific matches I've seen in a while, with Malenko focusing on one body part. This, however, seems to bore my wife, and most of the crowd. So much for actual wrestling, I guess, which is kind of sad. Arn gets HUGE pop, followed by "We Want Flair" chant. It becomes apparent shortly thereafter that Flair will NOT be here. He lives in freakin' Charlotte! Is an hour and a half too far to drive? If he shows up, do you really think that would hurt Nitro's ratings on Monday? Not a lot of happy campers here.

Hall vs. Konnan: Guy behind me yells "This Bud's for you, Hall." It is official: I am the only person in the arena who's tired of Konnan's spiel. Everyone else screams it at the top of their lungs. He's over huge. When Hall starts with the rest holds, the crowd immediately senses this and fights among themselves to keep amused. At least two fights, and I've heard more, broke out.

WarGames: Who'll beat Stevie Ray? That's the big question. It's hard as heck to see, what with the roof of the cage partially obstructing the view. Sting comes out to a big pop, surprisingly big. The crowd is on his every move, whether leaping across the ropes to hit the designated jobber or splashing him against the cage. By the way, I thought this was an elimination match? The way Buffer announced it, it'll end when one person gets a pin or submission. Since most of the crowd's not listening to Buffer to begin with, this creates some mighty confusion amongst those there. The video wall helps the crowd to count down the time before someone's allowed in, but they go dark after Hogan gets into the ring. Smoke, Warrior's in the ring, no, he disappears. Meanwhile, the other guys make easy money since they have to pretend to be knocked out. Warrior runs out to pop, kicks out cage wall and runs out just as quick. Boy, Hogan and Warrior really think a lot about the title shot, don't they? Somebody's up, must be DDP since I just saw a Diamond Cutter. This is a shock, I really thought Nash would win. What's not a shock: Guess who's pinned?!

After the match is over, Piper continued to lay in the ring. Team Wolfpack went over, stood over him for a bit, then helped him up and left. Penzer reminds us to watch Nitro tomorrow night. Now knowing fully that it's over and this is all we get, the crowd chants Bull***t and boos Penzer heavily. This is a complete 180 from about four hours ago. By the way, no one bothered to tell us about Duggan's successful surgery. Thanks, guys. At least four Thunder quality matches. I liked the Jericho skit, but I also think that should have been reserved for Nitro or Thunder. At least bring Goldberg in to get in Jericho's face, for pete's sake. A dismal effort, especially since it followed what most think was the most successful Summerslam ever. The Nitro Winston-Salem hosted earlier this year was much more exciting.

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