WCW Thunder - Thursday, 07/16/98

WCW Thunder - Thursday, 07/16/98

By Bill

Eat me!
Eat me!

John M. sends the following arena report:
I just got back from Thunder. Allow me to tell you what the viewers didn't see.

David Penzer came out in a 1/2 hour before the show started to tell use he had some exciting news. First, we were privileged to seeing three hours of Thunder instead of two and 2nd, there were some dark matches.

After the show went off the air we would get to see for the first time ever - Goldberg vs. The Giant!

Two dark matches also occurred before Thunder:

Some notes about Thunder itself: Goldberg d. The Giant Afterwards we saw Rey Misterio Jr., Psychosis, and Juventud Guerrera all without masks. Misterio is short but the man is built. It's a wonder how he is so muscled up yet still acrobatic.
David T. sends the following arena report:
First dark match: Villano IV d. "Big Time" Tom Howard Second dark match: Blitzkreig & Super Chucka d. American Wildchild (Ron Rivera) and Hell Raiser Post-broadcast dark match: Goldberg d. Giant in 3:13

Notes: The dark match guys come from EWF, Bill Anderson & Jesse Hernandez' So. Cal. promotion. Each of them have Lucha expereicne, with the tag team match guys wrestling for Japan and APW as well. I'm not sure the exact name of Chucka, but I believe he also goes by the name of Dragon Yakuza. The tag match was the best. The most death-defying moves. Howard, who had a WWF tryout in January, looked nervous and blew a lot of spots.

Other notes:

Biggest cheers:
  1. Goldberg
  2. Konnan
  3. DDP
Biggest boos:
  1. 1. Bret Hart
  2. 2. All others

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