WCW {Pro} - Saturday, 06/27/98

WCW {Pro} - Saturday, 06/27/98

By Todd S.

Here is the Pro report from 6/28

Trivia : Who ended Alex Wright's winning streak in his rookie year in WCW?

Scott Hudson and Larry Zbyzko begin in the pro studio today.

They Show Highlights and discuss the Great American Bash.

Booker T w/TV Belt is interviewed by Lee Marshall.

He talks about growing up watching Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat as one of the great matches of all time. He say how much respects Benoit and how he'll fight anyone for the TV belt

Highlights of the DDP vs Savage Cage Match from 6/15 Nitro are shown.

Pro Exclusive No 1 Horshu defeated Mike Nova after a elbow drop from the second rope.

Lee Marshall and Mike Tenay are the announcers.

Horshu is a power plant grad who has been on worldwide and WCW Saturday Night in the past.

Not much of a match. Horshu gets the win after his elbow from the ropes

Highlights from DDP interview from Nitro

Highlights from Raven's interview from Thunder are shown

Lee Marshall interviews Fit Finley they discuss Bash at the beach

Highlights from Sting/nash vs Harlem Heat from Nitro are shown

Pro Exclusive No 2: Van Hammer def Greg Hunke after a full nelson slam.

See Ya Next week on the Pro!

Trivia answer: Arn Anderson def Alex Wright at Slamboree '95 to retain the WCW TV title and give Alex Wright his first WCW Loss

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