WCW {Pro} - Saturday, 06/27/98

WCW {Pro} - Saturday, 06/27/98

By David C.

     I would first like to thank Bill for giving me this opportunity to do this. If I get this job I will faithfully fulfill my commitment to you the reader. Occasionally, I will let a friend do it, because as that I'm active in the singles group at my church, it may become necessary. That won't happen but once every two or three months if that.

     I've been a wrestling fan since April 1990, and really got into it when I changed churches and the youth pastor there was a big mark. Wade Abercrombie (hope I spelled that right) this is for you.

Trivia questions number one:

Who was the world champ, TV, US, world tag team and us tag team champs when I first started watching.

     To start the program less than 15 seconds in we have Scott Hudson, and Larry Zybysco hyping the next PPV. Didn't take long did it?

     They show the results, and stills of the last PPV, and comment as they go. Yawn!

     Back in the lockerroom I Guess, Lee Marshal does a promo for the PPV telling you how you can get it. Then does interview with Booker T saying that he's in uncharted waters as a 4 time WCW TV champ. Only problem is that AA Arn Anderson also was. They keep talking about how the NWO likes to revise history, what about them, The renegade (ugh!), Scott levy (aka. Raven, the Flamingo kid, Jonny polo), and more. Seems like that's where the NWO got the idea!

     Talk some about the injury to the Macho Man's knee with replay of it . Boy that looked legit. I hope he gets better, because as I well know, they are painful as all get out.

     Randy Savage will have to have surgery.

     Starburst fruit chews Road report promoting the Monday NItro program.

     MIssed a couple of minutes here of commentary probably didn't say much. Had to answer call of nature.


     30 minutes into the program we get a never seen before match! yeah! (read lots of sarcasm here).

     Horshu vs. Mike Nova via flying elbow drop

     Total squash!

     Only move by nova is a sunset flip.

     Commentary on Rodzilla, and his and HHH's jumping of DDP with video replay.

     Highlights from June 18th thunder.

     more talk about Rodman and Malone.

     This week in WCW Motorsports. If any body besides me is interested in these, please let me know and I'll report on them.

     Another Plug for Bash at the beach at by Lee Marshal. and then interviews, Fit Finley who doesn't ever cry according to him, and quotes some weird statistics.

     Highlights, of June 15th match with sting and Kevin Nash against Harlem Heat.

     *BOy Stevie ray is Huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

trivia ? number 2 what league on tv did you first see these two, (clue not wcw) who was their manager (clue not Sister SHerri) and what other WCW superstar was with them?

     Talk about Raven and flock. Yada, yada, yada.

     Pro exclusive number 2!

     van hammer, vs. Greg Hunke (pronounced Hunkie)

     series of arm twists to start match.

     followed by a hammerlock slam, known as a hammerslam by Tenay, on hunke.

     series of clothes lines by Hammer.

     followed by a backdrop suplex

     choke on hammer by HUnke.

     hammer, with a sidewalk slam, a chokehold throw off top turnbuckle, and a cobraslam for 3 count.

pretty boring but glad i could post this.

     answer In order for number one: Rick Flair, Arn Anderson, Lex Lugor, Doom, and i think the late great Brian Pillman and the Z man

trivia number 2! in order GWF, Gary hart, and Buff Bagwell then known as the handsome stranger!

bye for now!

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