More Mail about the WCW vs. nWo Video Game

More Mail about the WCW vs. nWo Video Game

From Jeremy:

I have a list of all the real names of the independents in the game, if you want to put it up. Also, it is possible to blade in the American version of the game, just go into OPTIONS and set Realism to On.
My favorite thing about this game: Abdullah the Butcher.

Sumo Jo -- Genichiro Tenryu
Kim Chee -- Koji Kitao
Blackheart -- Tarzan Goto
Puchteca -- Atsushi Onita
Hannibal -- Hayabusa
Powder Keg -- Hiromichi "Samsom" Fuyuki
Dim Sum -- Gedo
Saladin -- Abdullah the Butcher
Ali Baba -- Tiger Jeet Singh
Black Ninja -- Great Sasuke
Shaolin -- Jinsei Shinzaki aka Hakushi
The Unknown -- Super Delfin
The Claw -- Gran Naniwa
Black Belt -- Taka Michinoku
Paco Loco -- Dick Togo
Shaman -- Shunji Takano
Master Fuji -- El Gran Hamada Bosses
Joe Bruiser -- Mohammed Ali
Black Widow -- Minami Toyota

It's interesting that two of the characters, Taka Michinoku and Dick Togo, are both in the WWF now.

From kbkd:

I'm pretty sure the wrestler Alicia A. described as Terry Funk in a bWo shirt was Mens Teioh of Michinoku Pro Wrestling and now the WWF. His early gimmick was Terry Boy, a clone of Terry Funk. When he appeared at the ECW Barely Legal PPV last year he teamed with Taka Michinoku and I think Dick Togo to form the bWo International.

From Alicia A.:

After all the mails I've sent you on this, you'd think that I'd found all there was to find. But I found something new and really cool in the gameplay.
See, I live in a small town and there's not much to do, so my boyfriend and I got Virtual Pro Wrestling 64 on a date (yes, Bill, we also watch Nitro and Thunder on our dates, too). We decided to use the game to settle the question that we'd been arguing about for over a year: Could Rey Mysterio Jr beat Sting? Well, in the match we played, Rey won, but not before the wildest thing happened: HE GOT UNMASKED!! Somehow or another Sting had ripped the entire front of his mask off! You could see his face and everything! The more I play of this game, the more bitter I get about the fact that I can't buy a copy.

From Bem A.:

In your Nitro Report you had someone talking about the Japanese version of the WCW/nWo wrestling game for the N64, but couldn't identify the characters because of the Japanese. Well, I bought the game while in Japan and have been playing the game a lot. I rented the English version to compare once, and must admit the Japanese version is much superior. Not only are there more characters and ways to play, but everything is saved into the don't need a memory pack. Also, they give you lots of interesting stats, like how many people showed up for your match, the ratios of the moves you did (punch/kicks, grapples, reversals, aerial moves, special moves). It will also tell you the name of the move you used to finish the match (Dragon Sleeper, Figure Four, etc.)
Find Below the names of all the wresters in the game. I just finished getting my last belt, so this should be everyone in the game. When I rented the English game I matched up the characters though pictures height and weight and gave some of the Japanese guys names from the English game. This means that many of the Local ProWres and DAW originally had different names. Some names I am not sure about, as Japanese is a phonetic alphabet, not precise lettering.


Hollywood Hogan
Eric Bishoff
Kevin Nash
Scott Hall
Scott Norton
Buff Bagwell (Listed as Marcus Bagwell)
Randy Savage


Ric Flair
Lex Luger
Rick Steiner
Scott Steiner
Lord Steven Regal
Dean Malenko
Rey Misterio Jr
Chris Benoit
Eddie Guerrero
- Heavyweight Belt

Local Pro Wrestling

Ninja Tasuke
Space Elwin
The Claw
MITI Blackbelt
The Shaman
Master Fuji
- Single and Tag Belts

DAW (Dead or Alive Wrestling)

Sumo Jo
Ultimo Dragon
Kim Chee
Super Boomer
Doc Laser
Abdullah the Butcher
Tiger Sheik
- Single and Tag Belts

WOU (Wrestle of Universe)

Nobuhiro Takama
Masahito Takihara
Kouji Andou
Yoshiyasu Hataya
Asaka Matsunaga
Hitoshi Manura
Deon Cry
Toshikatsu Uraki
Hikaru Suzaki
Kevin Shalrock
Bo Lasson
- King of Universe Belt

EWF (Empire Wrestling Federation)

Mitsumunu Mitamu
Jirou Ashiwara
Toranosuke Katou
Atsushi Tada
Keisuke Konishi
John Chase
Bomber Tsukamoto
Manabu Fujita
Professor Kill
The Garbageman
Big Waste (Waist?)
Hitoshi Hayama
- Single and Tag Belts

NSW (Neo Strong Wrestling)

Rintaro Chiba
Keita Sakuma
Takurou Funakoshi
Shigezou Kobori
Shizuo Hayashi
Metal Commando
Kenishi Murata
Kantarou Yajima
Makio Chikura
Hisao Terada
Masked Danger
The Green Death
Shinobu Oogawara
Kojirou Kajita
- Heavyweight, Jr. Heavyweight and tag team belts

Legends (earned Characters)

Amigo Inamura
Eagle Sasagawa
King Kong Freddy
Nixon Breishy
Teddy Fang
Danny Fang Jr.
The Jackal
El Maskareedo (?)
Doskareedo (?)
The Destroyer
Andy the Bigfoot

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