WCW/nWo Uncensored, 3/15/98

WCW/nWo Uncensored - Sunday, 3/15/98

By Big Mike

Doug Palmer from University Of West Florida sends the following arena report:

This a arena report on the WCW Uncensored PPV. I watched the first Uncensored on PPV several years ago and it was the worst PPV of all time for me, it is one of the reasons I don't buy very many PPVs anymore. I will never be caught spending that much money for that lousy of a product again I hope. But of course, I shelled out 25 bucks to see the event in person, but with the lineup, it couldn't be bad, I hope.

My father-in-law and myself arrived at the Mobile Civic Center at about 4:30 pm. There are long lines already started to all the entrances but being the veteran PPV/Nitro type person, we find a seat and wait for them to open the doors and let all the cattle to march in. It became very confusing for a lot of people and me, the ticket stubs said 6:30 pm start, the radio and newspaper said 5:30 start and they didn't open the doors until 5:20 pm. So I was thinking, it is a 6:30 pm start but no, it was a 6:00 pm start. After the bathroom and concession stops, we enter to get our seats at 5:48, the annoucer comes down, annouces that the PPV would start in 10 minutes and here is Wild Cat Willy. The macho cat does his routine and the next thing you know, we are live and on TV. No Nitro Girls to be seen, darn.

There was no dark matches for event. We went straight to the Booker T and Eddie Guerrero match. The arena was 3/4 full at the time, remember I said the tickets said 6:30 pm start, so about 1/4 of the seats were empty at the beginning but they quickly filled. Booker T gets a huge pop, one of the best of the night, and almost everyone is doing the "Raise The Roof" motion with the arms. Eddie draws good heat as the heel. The match was good, with only one real rest period with the leglock/hang on rope routine. Eddie took some good shots and so did Booker T, especially that Superplex. A couple of near bad spots but a good match for the start. The crowd was into the match and I was excited about the night.

Juventud Guerrera and Konnan was next. I was able to catch a glimpse of these two before the card in the backstage area as we were trying to find our seats and came to a blocked off area, neither one seemed pleased about something, but they were through an exit and gone before we could see a lot. The match was imteresting with Konnan reaching into his bag of tricks and finding some new moves. Some really looked really painful live but some looked stupid too. Overall, Guerrera took a good beating and had some hard bumps. I thought Juventud would win because he lost his mask last time and would be repaid tonight, and I was right. Not a bad match. I'm still pleased and the crowd is enjoying itself but had lost some of the first match excitment.

Mean Gene comes out and talks to JJ Dillion, is it just me or was JJ a lot better 10-15 years ago as manager to the Horsemen? I looked forward to him coming back to the WCW from the WWF but he has never added one thing to TV, I'm sure he is doing much better behind the scenes. We can have the powerbomb tonight when the Giant and Nash collide, great, build up the expections and then shoot it in the foot with the match. More later on that.

Chris Jericho and Dean Malenko. The Iceman gets a good response but Jericho is not very over in Mobile. This match reminded me of a late 70's NWA match, a lot of good wrestling and pychology, the crowd was pretty quiet but paying attention. Dean fights tough but loses in a good scripted ending. Mean Gene comes down and tells Dean how bad he has been, we are all yelling for Dean to punch Gene but no such luck. Dean goes "Home".

Luger and Scott Steiner. I called a very short match in this one to my father-in-law and was rewarded again with a good prediction. Lex used his three moves, the clothesline, powerslam and rack. I don't think Scott had but one suplex for the night. The weakest match of the night for me, I didn't expect much and I was right. Luger just doesn't have a whole lot and Scott Steiner just can't carry someone like him. But Scott did do a good job of pissing off the crowd by throwing birdies to everyone, he could be a pretty good heel if he stays with it. Lex has a good entrance but it falls off quick after that, but the crowd was back on fire, Luger does bring excitment.

Up next is the most anticipated match of the night. The three way battle between Page/Beniot and Raven. Page gets a great pop, not as good as I have seen in some other cities but still good. The match was as expected and got out of the ring pretty fast. I expected to hear some ECW chants when the trash can came out but none was heard, maybe Mobile doesn't have a channel with it, but we do have it in Pensacola, 45 miles away. The double crutch shots were great. The crowd was stunned by Page going into the Uncensored Signs, but they were only made of cardboard I think, but you got a better look on live TV. The ending was good, the guy sitting next to me was going, "What a great ending". The Diamond Cutter through the table looked good live, not great but still a good match. The triple German suplex was also a major highlight of the match, the fans went crazy with that.

The Giant and Kevin Nash. Nash gets a good ovation, we are sitting in an nWo section, but nobody is wearing the colors. They did have real long lines at the t-shirts counters. I didn't really expect much from the two but it was a better match than I thought it would be. Vincent (I thought he was fired) got a huge chokeslam, that had to hurt some. The fans enjoyed it and it was not bad for two big men with not a whole lot of moves to use. But JJ, no powerbomb from either man, and you promised it could be used. Don't build it up if you don't plan on delivering.

Bret Hart and Curt Hennig. I was really looking forward for this one. I can still remember the first time I saw these two wrestle for the IC belt in the WWF and it was one of best matches I can remember. This of course was 6-7 years ago now, and I shouldn't expect the same level of intensity and I should have known better to wish for something in the first place. This match was a disappointment for me, it could have been better. I was expecting a classic and got a standard WCW match. That is alright for Nash/Giant, but not for two capable wrestlers who know each other. And no Ric Flair, as soon as Hart was getting pounded after the match, the "Whoooooooos" started but no Slick Ric. I was there to see the "Man" but no such luck. The crowd was pretty quiet throughout, I think they expected more too, and neither one of these guys are really over down south. Ric Flair would have brought the house down.

Scott Hall and Sting. The crowd was back up for this one. Every punch, kick and slam had sound effects from the crowd. Did Mark Curtis look as bad on TV as he did live? He was skinny before the cancer operation, he looks like death now in person. The match like I was said was over with the crowd and it was good to actually see Dusty doing some moves, it does bring back some memories, not all good, but memories still the same. Sting had some near falls, but came out on top with some strong support from Mobile.

Hollywood Hogan and Randy Savage. Was not expecting a whole lot for this one but I was pleasantly surprised with the match. I thought both men tried hard. I about croaked when I saw blood on Hogan. I was not paying a great deal of attention to the match until then, I don't know when Hogan bladed but it had to be done quickly. I saw Savage blade because I was now really paying attention. If you saw Hogan throw Savage into the cage and Randy fell to a sitting position on the ropes, both hands go to his head and you can see him blading. The next time Hogan throws Savage into the cage, the blade comes flying out and into the middle of the ring. I don't understand the part about opening the door and letting the both out, I thought the cage was to hold them in. Here comes the man of a 1000 names and a chance of a clean finish is gone. But the crowd really enjoyed the match, and Savage from the top of the cage was great, brought back memories of Jimmy Snuka and Buzz Sawyer.

Sting from the rafters was great. He landed on top of the cage side first and then into the ring. The turn from Macho Man came out of no where but started expecting it when nothing was happening between the four men for about minute.

Overall, I was really pleased with night. Only one bad match, one disappointing match and no Ric Flair. But besides that, the PPV was very entertaining for me and my father-in-law. He doesn't follow wrestling to much any more but he seemed to really enjoy the show.

This was a better night than the four Nitros, the Battlebowl and the Royal Rumble I have attended live. Nitros just are too slow live with short matches and commerical breaks. A PPV has a constant flow and moves much better.

The crowd ended up being a sellout or very close. There were seats in the backstage area open but these were not for sale, but besides that, the place was full to the rafters with a lot of people in the walkways standing. I did not hear "Boring" one time during the show which has to be first in a long while and there were no bathroom/concession stand matches. The crowd may not have been excited all the time, but they were watching and paying attention.

I give it a thumbs up, could have been better in places, and they still had fifteen minutes to go, which could have been used in a couple of matches but overall I thought it was paced well and move right along. Good show.

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