WCW Monday Nitro - Monday, 03/09/98

By Chan and Charlie and Matt

Big Kev sends the following arena report:

I was present at Nitro on the 9th in Winston Salem. Not much to tell but that Ric Flair is still the man. He got the biggest pop of the night next to Goldberg and Macho. No dark matches and no big fight after they went off the air, but for only 20 bucks it was a pretty good show. Bret Hart t-Shirts are on sale and Hogan has a new one coming out soon. The one he has been wearing on TV lately with Hogan 4 Life on it and a long paragraph on the back about why he is the man.
I know you don't listen to rumors and I respect that but, if Hogans new line of shirts want be avaliable untill April, he ain't going back to Vince's no time soon.

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