WCW Superbrawl VIII, Sunday, 02/22/98

WCW Superbrawl VIII - Sunday, 02/22/98

By Big Mike

Joe M. sends the following arena report:

For some things the home viewer may not of seen at the lovely Cow Palace:

In the parking lot, there was a sea of nWo shirts. I've never seen so many redneck drunks in San Francisco

We were privileged to see Ultimo Dragon vs. some name I missed w/ Sonny Ono in a dark match. Dragon wins with the Dragon Sleeper to a chant of "Boring".

50 ft above the ring was a steel cage. Hmmm...

Booker T. got a huge pop!

Goldberg looks even more massive in person. I still can't believe he did a standing backflip.

In he biggest rip off of the night, Air Juvy never turned to face where I was sitting to let us see his face. I was pumped to see what he looked like but got the big letdown. I heard he looked rather handsome - not that I care. (But if you do there's nothing wrong with that-especially here in San Francisco). Juvy had one viscous backhand chop though - very, very loud.

The crowd didn't know what to do after the Mongo/Bulldog match. It just ended and nobody knew exactly what happened. Mongo has to be seriously hurt or Bulldog has the worst finishing move since Ronnie Garvin's body stomp.

Macho got a huge pop as well. Luger got a loud "Luger Sucks" chant. Yes! After the match, Luger tried to jump the railing to go after a fan. Security had to hold him back. If he only would have shown as much effort during the match....

The biggest pop of the night went to the Outsiders. I may be wrong, but that was the widest margin in the for the survey to date. The Steiners got a "Steiners Suck" for their effort.

After Sting was presented with the belt and left the ring we saw the best piece of athleticism for the night. While Hogan laid knocked out in the ring, a fan jumped the railing and got up on the mat. Before he could get through the ropes though a camera guy held him up while still filming Hogan! No doubt he spent some time at the Power Plant. He held the guy for about 5 seconds until security came to punk the dude. Hogan walked out to a chant of "Loser".

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