WCW Thursday Thunder - Thursday, 01/29/98

WCW Thursday Thunder - Thursday 01/29/98

By Bill

The Quiet Entertainer sends the following arena report:
Really, the only things you missed from TV would be that during every commercial break, Lodi and Kidman were in the ring taunting. Lodi had about 10 different signs. The big cheer you heard during Booker T's match as it went to commercial was for Lodi getting the Harlem Sidekick. I sat behind some drunk frat guys who were racking each other the entire night. I brought my "Oilers need Golberg" sign. A group of girls had shirts made that said "Thunder Girls." A sign that got confiscated was "Hogan still breast feeds." The biggest cheer of the night was a tie between Goldberg and Buff. That surprised me. The video clips on the big screen were finally working. As usual, Michael Buffer has avoided coming to Memphis. Afterwards, I met Lee Marshall, I said, "Isn't this better than those 'Nitro Parties' you were calling collect from?" He said, "Sure." We got in trouble for being too close to DiBiase's big black truck. It's a very nice truck. I guess he rented it. Konan, and Scott Hall were in the same Jeep as last time (Nitro in Memphis). The Flock left the Coliseum after Saturn's match. A WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE wanted those seats. Nobody got them. That's about it. I wanted to heard Dusty say "Pretzelizin'." Oh well.

Also, Nick Patrick was booed the entire time he was out. I couldn't hear what he was saying. And I didn't know what he said until I went home and watched the replay. Same for Dillon.

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