WCW Monday Nitro - Monday, 11/10/97

WCW Monday Nitro - Monday, 11/10/97

By Bill

The Quiet Entertainer sends this arena report:

Okay, here's what I saw:

We open with the dark match. Villanos vs. Disorderly Conduct. Not a bad match. DC were the heels and they controlled most of the match until the Villanos pulled sort of Harlem Heat-like double team move for the win. It was a flying body press on Mean Mike while he was up in the air.

The ring announcer started explaining rules and things until the Nitro Girls came out and introduced themselves. Then Wildcat Willie was out to do his thing.

Lots of signs were there. I had four:

The show started with the nWo coming out. There were lots of Bret Hart signs I noticed right then. Decent crowd reaction to Nash but I think everyone was confused just waiting for Hart to come out or whatever.

Harlem Heat vs. BlueBloods. You know what happened in the match but let me say that NOBODY expected the ending and a healthy chant of "Bulls**t" rang throughout the building.

I think the Nitro Girls came back and really worked the crowd for a while. A sign said, "Next PPV: Me vs. The Nitro Girls"

Jericho vs. Disco Inferno. The only thing worth watching here was Raven's entrance. It happened right by me; but I don't think I got on TV. I didn't even notice the match was over. The fight after the match was cool from where I was, but you couldn't really see Raven and what he was doing.

Glacier vs. Barbarian. You never realized just how boring Glacier is until you see him live. Jimmy Hart came out and people started chanting. The best part involved the Death grip from Meng being put on.

Finally, the big Jumbo-tron-looking screen came on with a promo for WWIII. It wasn't too bad.

Raven gets up and starts talking the stuff but this huge guy enters the Coliseum from right about where I was (I didn't find out who until later; it was tough to see with all of the crowd.)

The next match was really boring and I chose to go price some merchandise. My friend told me what happened when I got back.

Ever since his entrance, Kidman had been really working the crowd. And you don't get to see it on TV. He was totally talking smack the entire time while standing on the rail. It was neat to see.

Hogan and Eric come out. And talk about something that I couldn't hear (I guess it was the movie) and then they challenge Sting. At this point, some guy above us who looked EXACTLY like Sting stands up and points a bat. Only a few people noticed this. Then the Sting guy left. We figured it was a little play-action.

After that, there was a commercial or something. And more Kidman. We didn't have the screen working except for the promo and when Raven was talking.

Benoit vs. Saturn. Okay, after Benoit's barrage in the corner, when he turns around to get crowd reaction, if you look just past his head, you'll see a sign go up. That's me. Not really worth seeing but...oh well. Benoit got the best crowd reaction so far. During the fight afterwards, I noticed that I hadn't seen Stevie.

Sign says, "Kimberly is my Smack-baby!"

Ric Flair comes out to a huge crowd pop. Talks some smack. I wasn't paying attention. I just wanted to hear him say "Whooo!" and watch him strut.

Commercial or something with more Kidman.

It's announced that WCW will be back on January 29. (I think for Clash of Champions)

Savage vs. Traylor. I wasn't entertained until Savage started dropping those elbows. The day before, Jimmy Hart and Savage were at Budget Rent-a Car giving autographs and taking photos. My friend won a free ticket. Savage is as tall as I am.

DDP vs. Hennig. DDP got bigger crowd reaction then anyone up to this point. However, Hennig is my all-time favorite wrestler. I don't why. DDP's rib pad was in the ring for most of the match.

Luger vs. Flair. Crowd was really split. But I got to see Flair walk the walk. So I didn't care who won. Although everyone was cheering win Flair got a hold of Hennig. Everyone but one person...

At the end, Hogan comes out and challenges Sting. I should note that you can't see any rafters at Mid-South Coliseum because it has tiles. So everyone is crowding the aisles. Next an entire team of security people walked by and blockaded one of the entranceways right next to me. Everyone is looking at this when Sting finally drops. I was totally caught off-guard. Poor Sting fans were crying at this ending. I guess he was about due to get beat up. This beating took a very long time. There were about six legdrops. Hall and Nash started to really work the crowd. Hogan, Buff, Vince, Norton, Macho, and Bischoff took group photos. Sting doesn't move. When everyone finally leaves, Sting is just lying there motionless in the ring. Finally, Dillinger and his crew help him out without a stretcher.

As I was leaving, we found out where everyone was parked. So we went over there and saw Kidman and Van Hammer walk out. Hammer was cool to us. But Kidman was still in character or something.

Jericho is next. He just ignores us.

Then security came out; including a dead ringer for Chyna.

They were followed by Scott Hall, Konan, and Syxx. Hall acknowledged us but security wouldn't let us get near them. I think Rey Mysterio was with them without the mask and had an nWo hood jacket on. He just looked like a roadie. And I was the only one who noticed. K-dog drove off in a Lexus carrying everyone.

Raven & Saturn are next. They totally ignore us.

Bischoff comes out and does his thing with all the "I love you guys!" And stuff.

Then Flair is out. By now, there's a crowd by us and Flair just has to ignore everyone and leave.

Then the bay doors open. Buff and Norton leave in a Jeep Cherokee. DDP and Kimberly with a Nitro Girl in a Cadillac.

We started to leave then.

It was a better crowd then I thought it would be. Lots of those "Buh!"s that everyone likes. Those chops really do sound that loud!! And that's about it.

David N. checks in with:

I don't know exactly when the cameras stopped last night, but I do know that this wasn't on the air. Nash takes the bat and acts like he is about to swing it at Sting's baseballs. Well, he decides not to, and looks at the crowd and puts the bat like a big penis. Also, Bischoff goes on this little tirade on Lawler, commenting on his 14 year old girlfriend, or sister as he called it. The announcer also announced that a live WCW event would be back in Memphis on Thursday, January 29th.

John A. checks in with:

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