WCW Monday Night Nitro - Monday, 10/06/97

WCW Monday Night Nitro - Monday, 10/06/97

By Ann B.

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Nice opening by WCW tonight in extending their sympathy to Brian Pillman's family.

Hogan and Bischoff come out and start jawing about the nWo while the crowd boos. Hogan goes to la-la land in saying that week after week he puts the title on the line (does he wrestle for another federation that we don't know about?). Insults toward Sting and says that the week that Hogan isn't there, Sting shows up. Then we are subjected to a promo of his new movie "Assault on Devil's Island." And guess what? In the movie, Hogan has hair. Not his of course, but still he can dream, can't he? After the promo, Hogan starts in on Piper. Piper apparently is on his way to the stadium and Hogan is waiting with bated breath. One can only hope that he passes out while waiting. Then an announcement by Tony that Piper will be there later.

Booker T w/Jackie d. Jeff Jarrett w/Debra These 2 men were evenly matched but Booker T wrestled a better match because Jarrett was doing his usual showboating. While match is going on Tony announces that Ric Flair is in Minneapolis looking for Curt Hennig. As we come back from commercial, Jarrett is in control, but Booker T soon takes over and applies the Harlem slam and then a powerbomb. Jarrett falls out of the ring and out comes Mongo. He gets into it with Debra, she slaps him, he starts to go after her, Jarrett steps in and Mongo applies a hand to his throat and throws Jarrett back in the ring. While Jarrett is busy arguing with Mongo from inside the ring, Booker T comes up from behind and applies a roll up gets the pin, and wins the match.

Short promo for the feud between Hogan and Piper leading up to Halloween Havoc.

Alex Wright d. Billy Kidman For anyone who watched WCW's Saturday Night show, this was a rematch between Wright and Kidman in which Kidman won on Saturday. While the match is going on, camera focuses in on Raven sitting ringside along with Perry Saturn formerly of the ECW. Wright is distracted by the fans and Kidman is able to get control but soon loses it to Wright. In the meantime, we go backstage to see Debra and Mongo at it again, with her slapping Mongo once again. Jarrett tries to intercede but Mongo says "I know how to take care of this." Alex Wright controls most of this match with small spurts of energy from Kidman. Tony, Larry, and Mike speculate on the association between Raven and Saturn. Wright applies a German suplex to Kidman, winning the match.

Ernest Miller d. Mortis w/James Vandenberg This was not a very good match. While Miller is very athletic, his expertise is in martial arts and he is still learning the ins and outs of wrestling. While the match is going on, an announcement from the Executive Committee that a match has been signed for Disco Inferno and Jackie to wrestle at Halloween Havoc (WHAT?!) Miller applies a few martial arts moves to Mortis, surprising the crowd and announcers by beating Mortis, even though Mortis controlled most of this match.

Scott Hall w/Syxx d Hector Garza Scott comes out with ribs taped. Last week his leg, the week his ribs, are we going to see a different body part wrapped week after week? Of course, he has a microphone with him and asks the crowd the same stupid question "Did you come to see WCW or did you come to see the nWo?" Kevin is apparently at home getting well, and then we're supposed to believe that Scott is really injured and that any other man would be in the hospital right now (right!). He starts in on Larry saying that he and Kevin hurt themselves, not by wrestling, but by watching tapes of Larry Z. wrestling. Match still hasn't started as we go to commercial. Finally, the match is about to start, but as usual, Scott starts in on the referee. The nWo pulls their usual stunts with Syxx interfering, Scott intimidating the ref and of course Scott wins the match. But does it stop there? NO, Scott decides to put the referee in the torture rack and then spray paints a "Z" on his back for Larry.

Look at Bill Goldberg, which was very short. Showed details of his past footballs days and his 2 wrestling matches.

DDP d. Disco Inferno (disqualification due to interference by Macho Man) With the title on the line, the match was like leading a lamb to the slaughter. While Disco is a good wrestler, DDP controlled a good part of the match. Several unsuccessful pin attempts were made by both. But Disco Inferno was totally out-matched and DDP executed the Diamond Cutter, getting ready to win the belt and who should come out? Macho Man - he starts to beat on DDP and is going to piledriver him onto the concrete floor when Piper comes out to put a stop to it. While Macho is arguing with Piper, DDP executes a Diamond Cutter on Macho from behind onto the concrete floor. DDP and Piper make their escape over the safety rail as the rest of the nWo comes running out. Randy is taken out on a stretcher, Elizabeth cries, the nWo members gather round Macho and name their targets (Piper and DDP). As Randy lays on the ground the crowd starts singing "Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Good-bye" to him. Mike, Tony and Bobby laugh and make smart comments about Randy's injury. Needless to say, Disco Inferno won.

Mean Gene interviews Piper - Piper makes fun of Hogan's hair in his new movie, calls Scott Hall a liar and show us a tape of when Piper beat on Scott Hall. As Chairman, Piper declares that if Hall and Nash don't defend their belts next week on Nitro, regardless of what their physical state is, the belts will be stripped from them. As for Macho Man and DDP's match at Halloween Havoc, no rules, first man who can't take it anymore loses, no matter how long it takes. Hogan and Bischoff come to the ring to confront Piper. Big stare-down between Hogan and Piper. Hogan tells Piper that the crap stops here, not more telling the nWo what to do. According to Hogan, Piper is not the icon because Hogan is still there, he has always followed in Hogan's shadow, and the only reason that people are there and people are watching is to see Hogan (another trip to la-la land by Hogan). Hogan continues to threaten Piper, end his career and put him in a wheelchair. Hogan then starts to beat on Piper and with Hogan holding Piper, Eric goes to kick him. But Piper moves and Eric kicks Hogan instead. Piper starts to beat on Bischoff, Hogan grabs Piper and they roll around the ring with Piper on top beating on Hogan. Instead of the nWo coming out to beat on Piper, they drag Hogan out the ring. Piper picks up the belt and holds off the nWo as we go to commercial.

Special look the Lucha Libra wrestling giving us a taste of history in the world of Mexican wrestling. Begin with the origin of the mask - apparently it was just something that was tried and took off so well that wearing the mask was kept. Tonight was just looking at promoters. Next week will be the story and mystique of the mask.

Eddie Guerrero d. Ultimo Dragon. Since I saw these two wrestle live, I can honestly say that they guys give the fans a good show. They are evenly matched, they give us lots of high-flying moves. Neither one controlled the match, they both gave as good as they got. Several unsuccessful pins by both men. Dragon applies the Dragon sleeper on Eddie but Eddie gets a foot on the rope. Eddie does a frog splash from the top rope and wins the match.

Announcement is made that the match event match between Macho Man and Chris Benoit will not take place. Instead, Chris will face Curt Hennig. Good set-up for Ric Flair to show up.

Chris Benoit vs. Curt Hennig. Even as Hennig is walking to the ring and talking to the fans, Benoit comes out and attacks him. He continues to beat on Hennig as they climb in the ring. Benoit certainly gives Hennig as taste of his anger. Benoit literally beats on Hennig, rarely giving Hennig a chance to get in any shots. But Hennig is able to overcome the beating and goes to work on Chris' leg, wrapping it around the steel bar several times. Hennig then takes control of the match as we go to commercial. Back from commercial, these men are toe-to-toe with each other. Hennig pulls back the turnbuckle exposing the steel, getting ready to ram Chris into it. But Chris turns the tables and rams Hennig into it. Hennig wins the match with a fisherman's suplex. A few members of the nWo come out and start beating on Benoit.
And, Thank God, Ric Flair, comes running out, beats on the nWo and then goes after Hennig, chasing him all the way out into the street. Hennig disappears, as Ric comes back into the building, Mean Gene is standing by, mic in hand, but Ric takes the mic and goes to the ring. He gives us an idea of what is to come. He directs his comments to Hennig and Hogan, saying there has never been a better wrestler than Ric Flair. He also states that regardless of whether or not WCW signs it--he is going after Hennig at Halloween Havoc to "hurt him bad and for a long time." He starts in on Hogan by saying that if Hogan lives through this year, he will have Ric in his face until they match up at Nitro. Ric Flair leaves the ring as he entered it -- much loved and victorious.
[Note from Bill: I did see this last match, and during the interview, Flair looked like he had cotton mouth. He may still have stitches in his mouth or something.]

Dark matches:

Well, Jackie got what she wanted - a legal match with a man. Has this ever happened before? A lot of build up to Halloween Havoc. But there was more going on outside the ring, then inside. Like for instance, how many times is Mongo going to allow Debra to slap him? DDP has a shot at a title and Macho Man interferes which didn't make sense to me, because if DDP had won the title then Macho would have had a chance to win it from him at Halloween Havoc. And finally, the return of Ric Flair. It was nice to see Ric come in, take on members of the nWo and chase Hennig off. But is a possible match in the works for the November between Hogan and Flair. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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