This Week In The WCW

This Week In The WCW

I don't normally print rumors since I don't usually get any exclusives, but I got this one. It just goes to show, that as a result of the Internet, there is no such thing as a local show anymore. I got this from Felix S. who lives in Birmingham, AL:
I live in the Birmingham area and on Worldwide this weekend they were hyping the Nitro in Birmingham (I will be there). Well, Lee Marshall is set to do an interview and he calls out, "The Enforcer of the Horsemen" and Arn Anderson walks out! Yes, Arn gave an interview on Worldwide. He talked about how he has changed since the surgery, a new Horseman, and he put down the crowd at Birmingham. I find this very interesting because why would they have Arn Anderson put Birmingham down? My guess it that he will be on Nitro in some capacity with Flair and Hennig. It kind of shocked me at first but then it all fell in place. WCW knew not a lot of people would see him if it was a local shot so they brought him in. Look for Arn on Nitro and the Clash this week.
Also, he was hiding his injured hand the entire interview. He had it in his pocket.
This information was seconded by the Cubs Fan when he watched Worldwide. Mike, from Louisville, KY adds: "I guess it's kind of bad news, but I wouldn't look for Arn on Nitro. At least not because of him hyping it on Birmingham's edition of Worldwide. Here in Louisville, He's hyping an Indianapolis house show. I'd imagine he's hyping something on every regional version of the program."
Also, I will be coming home Thursday night very late. I will watch my tape of Clash of the Champions Friday night and post my report sometime late Friday evening.

WCW Saturday Night - Saturday, 08/16/97

WCW Worldwide - Sunday, 08/17/97

By The Cubs Fan

WCW {Pro} Wrestling - Sunday, 08/17/97

By Ben J.

WCW Monday Night Nitro - Monday, 08/18/97

Felix S. was at the card and sends the following notes:
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