This Week In The WCW

This Week In The WCW

WCW Monday Night Nitro - Monday, 05/12/97

Brian Bradshaw and Chad Lettau were at the arena live in Baltimore. Many thanks to them for taking the time to type and send in this report: Note from Bill: Oddly enough, as I'm adding this arena report, there is an old World's Strongest Man competition being shown on TV. One guy is John Cole, who was in the Q&A a long time ago with someone asking if he and Ted DiBiase are the same person. I had never seen John Cole before but they do look alike but are not the same person. Ken Patera, wearing glasses, was also in the contest. No mention of him being a pro wrestler even though his hair was bleach blond. Lou Ferrigno is in the contest as well. At the time, he was 25 years old, which gives you an idea how old the film is.
I never would have guessed that Ken Patera went to Brigham Young University.

WCW {Pro} Wrestling - Sunday, 05/11/97

WCW Saturday Night - Saturday, 05/10/97

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