WCW Monday Night Nitro - Monday, November 27th, 1995

By Bob

The previous WCW event that I covered was World War III 1995. Nothing special really occurred. Savage won the title, Hogan didn't do a clean job (even in a battle royal), Flair jobbed to Sting even though it seemed Flair really had all the momentum.

But surely tonight on Nitro, they will be going nuts about Hogan not winning and mention Savage as champ. All about Hogan/Savage tonight until Starrcade... Which is exactly a month away.

Let's get to the show.

Overall: This was a bad show... WCW focused on Sting/Luger/Giant/Hogan and the Four Horsemen... It's really one big storyline that is getting old when the babyfaces continue to go over... Or when your World Champion has lost to Luger on many occasions...

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