Editor's Note: As you may know, DDT Digest was born in October 1996. That was about four or five months after the beginning of the nWo invasion, and it was over a year after the premiere of Nitro. A DDT Digest reader, Bob, with a number of the old Nitros and PPVs on tape contacted me, asking me if I was interested in having him fill in some of the coverage gaps before DDT Digest was on line. I figured that would be way cool. So, any WCW show reports that you see here prior to October 1996 will be from Bob. You can write him at bob@ddtdigest.com and, as always, you can reach me at bill@ddtdigest.com.


WCW Monday Night Nitro - Monday, September 4th, 1995

By Bob

Next week—Sabu debuts, Michael Wall Street debuts and Hogan/Luger World Title Match.

The Good: Brian Pillman Vs Jushin Liger was the best match by far on this edition of Nitro. And, of course, Bobby Heenan’s commentary.

The Bad: Sting/Flair, Hogan/Rogers… how many gorilla press slams can Sting do next week? A dozen? Two dozen?

The Ugly: Mongo's commentary skills.

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