Andrea's and Bill's Driving Trip of the First Half of Old Route 66, 10/29/05 - 11/05/05
Andrea's and Bill's Driving Trip of the First Half of Old Route 66
10/29/05 - 11/05/05

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Editor's Note: I made it a point to not repeat any pictures from the last trip on this trip. If you've never seen the pictures from my last Route 66 trip, you may want to check those out before looking at these.

Our first stop was Dell Rhea's Chicken Basket. Highly recommended, but hard to find.

Segment of the old road that now dead ends in a residential neighborhood just before you get to Elwood, IL.

Close-up of the face of the Gemini Giant in Wilmington, IL.

Meramec Caverns barn on the way to Pontiac, IL. There is a sign for a "Historic Route 66 Turnout" that points you to a parking area for a photo op for this.

Billboard on Memory Lane on the way into Lexington, IL.

Muffler man holding a hot dog in Atlanta, IL.

This picture is a personal favorite. This is a freight train speeding by our window at the Mansion View Inn in Springfield, IL. As you can see, we were very close to the tracks.

Muffler Man holding a flag on Wabash Avenue in Springfield, IL. Supposedly, he used to hold an axe. Picture was taken from the car on a rainy day.

Our Lady of the Highways on the way to Litchfield, IL.

Collection of Campbell's Express "Humpin' To Please" trailers at Henry's Rabbit Ranch in Staunton, IL.

World's largest catsup bottle in Collinsville, IL.

Trail of Tears Tribute near Jerome, MO.

Our ill-fated expedition to Ballhagen's Puzzle Source on the way to Lebanon, MO. (It was a Tuesday.)

The old Spencer Truss Bridge in Spencer, MO.

All that remains of Spencer, MO. Definitely a ghost town.

Windmill collection on the way to Carthage, MO.

The beautiful courthouse in Carthage, MO. It is in the center of a traditional town square.

The 66 Drive-In leaving Carthage. It is still operational and looked to be in great shape.

Unfortunately, the picture isn't too good, but this is a funny set of old photos from the Galena Mining Museum (aka Howard Litch's Museum) in Galena, KS. It's a series of time-lapse shows the town drunk and how much happier he is when we gets a drink.

Movie of my trip through the pedestrian tunnel under Route 66 in Chelsea, OK.

World's Largest Totem Pole in Foyil, OK. 90 feet tall.

Another view of the World's Largest Totem Pole.

View from inside the World's Largest Totem Pole, looking up into the access hatch.

Lucille Hammon's place in Hydro, OK. I'd heard that it was sold a few years ago on eBay. If so, the new owner hasn't done a thing with it.

The Beckham County Courthouse in Sayre, OK. This building was seen briefly in the movie Grapes of Wrath although, in the scene it is shown, the Joads are seen coming from the south and turning west.

Abandoned alignment between Sayre and Texola, OK. The abandoned alignments on this stretch were driveable for miles at a time.

One room jail in Texola, OK.

Largest cross in the Western Hemisphere, in Groom, TX. The black figures surrounding it are life-size Stations Of The Cross.

Funny sign in Amarillo, TX.

Well, there you go. That's a week's worth.

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