The Night I Won The IPWA World Heavyweight Title - 6/13/98
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Kevin Carson, the Voice of the IPWA, starts the show

I started the show with a tribute to the Junk Yard Dog. Following that, I would accept Cueball Carmichael's invitation to take his shot at the heavyweight title in the main event. He was unable to compete due to an injury at the hands of the Gambini Family.

"Handsome" Frank Stiletto defeated Mark "The Shark" Shrader after Notorious Norm nailed The Shark with a metal tray

Shorty Smalls pinned The Worm with a handful of tights in 4:22

The Gambini Family came out to talk trash about Julio Sanchez and me

Otto Schwanz w/Count Grog pinned Dan Rage after a faceful of powder

Chris Stevenson made Joey "The Future" Matthews w/Vinnie Gambini submit to a sharpshooter following a tremendous powerbomb

Christian York w/Vinnie Gambini pinned Julio Sanchez with a spin kick from the top turnbuckle to win the IPWA World Light Heavyweight Title

Big Slam pinned R.J. Blain with a splash following an avalanche

I pinned "Wiseguy" Jimmy Cicero in a no-DQ match to win the title. It was a hard fought match...

Cicero, sensing the title slipping through his fingers, threw himself over the top rope to get me disqualified. The ref awarded him the belt...

...but Cueball came to the ring with a poster for the card and said since his match with Cicero was to have been no-DQ, then this match should be a no-DQ match, so the match was restarted...

Vinnie tossed Cicero brass knucks, and Cueball tossed me brass knucks...

I swung first, a three-count, and I was the new champ!

And, when it was all over, Cueball Carmichael came to the ring to congratulate me.

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