Buddy Landel's Action Photo Gallery
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Against that other Nature Boy

Against Nikita Koloff

Against Magnum T.A

Against Ron Bass

Against Jerry "The King" Lawler

Who was that masked man on March 22nd, 1987? (Answer: Ron Fuller)

Koko B. Ware doesn't know what to do with me

Against Rick Steiner

The bigger they come, the harder they fall...me taking it to Doug Furnas

Against Terry Taylor in October, 1985. He was the Georgia National Champion and I would beat him for the belt in November at Starrcade '85.

Against Shawn Michaels for the WWF Intercontinental Championship when I was the Smoky Mountain Heavyweight Champion...that was a great night in my career.

Yeah, come on, I dare you

Well, it can only improve his appearance

From the Third Annual Eddie Gilbert Memorial Show in Philadelphia on 2/28/98...Dory Funk, Jr. and I fought Doug and Tommy Gilbert

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