Pro Wrestling Questions
Pro Wrestling Questions

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  3. If, in fact, the rumors are true and WCW starts presenting Thursday Night Nitro, I need to make time to do that.
  4. It's hard to manage this page when you get three different answers to the same question. Given that, this page isn't going in the direction I wanted it to. For example, EVERYONE has a different answer on Rick Steiner's headgear.
Feel free to answer any outstanding questions here. Everyone should feel free to send me questions, but if I don't know the answers, you will get back an "Sorry, I don't know" rather than me posting the question.
  1. Is there downloadable video footage anywhere on the internet of that 1985 talk show incident where Hulk Hogan accidentally dropped Richard Belzer and busted his head open?
  2. Who was a masked wrestler named "Devil Blue" for the NWA/WCW in the mid 80's?
  3. Since Scott Steiner was still holding the television championship when he left WCW for the WWF, did the Steiner Brothers give late notice to WCW?
  4. What soap opera did Konan appear in? Is he still involved?
  5. DDP was an accomplished high school baseball player. When and where did he play? Did he ever play collegiately?
  6. Was Ricky Steamboat really a two-time amateur champion or was Pro Wrestling Illustrated just giving him credibility?
  7. What bowling alleys did Orndorff own in his stint out of the sport? Was he an accomplished bowler?
  8. Does anyone out there regularly tape USWA on TV? Someone in England would like to work out a deal getting copies of the tapes.
  9. Does anybody know of a wrestler named Dave DeJohn? He wrestles as Danger.
  10. Who was Blackjack Mulligan's cousin, Luke (not to be confused with Hillbilly Jim's cousin)?
  11. What was Magnificent Mimi's finishing move?
  12. Whatever happened to Buzz Tyler?
  13. Whatever happened to Joel "Nighthawk" Coltrane?
  14. Whatever happened to Enforcer Luciano?
  15. Was Eric Embry injured when he fell off the scaffold in a six-man match in 1987? That scaffold was higher than normal.
  16. When did the Steiners wrestle at the University of Michigan?
  17. Where did Jeff Jarrett play college basketball?
  18. Despite rumors that said otherwise, why did Kevin Von Erich never join Kerry Von Erich in the WWF in 1990-1991?
  19. I have heard Harley Race legally changed his name to Harley Race what was his name prior to the name change?
  20. What was David Von Erich's middle name?
  21. When Kevin Von Erich was called in to team with Michael "P.S." Hayes in Georgia in 1981, how often did he compete in that territory?
  22. Who were the Power Twins in the UWF?
  23. Who were the Creatures? They were a WCW Tag Team in 1991.
  24. Who were the Mexican Twin Devils from 1988? (The following e-mail was received on 5/17/05: As your question of who were the Mexican Twin Devils from 1988, I have your answer. These men were my father and uncle. They were born in Gualadajara, Jalisco and originaly started wrestling in Mexico. In 1979 we came to the U.S. because they were given jobs here in the U.S. They did travel to many different contries over time and they have both since passed away. They are my heroes and were wonderful role models even in their own personal lives.)
  25. Does anyone know anything about a wrestler named Osuch?
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Questions that were answered (feel free to provide additional information on any of them):