Two of the Oinkettes brings out the world's fastest painter, Morris Katz.

Morris talks about his work. Morris actually brought out a huge poster board of the Congressional Record he was mentioned in. (Getting mentioned in the Congressional Record is about as impressive as owning a flag that's flown over the Capitol.)

One of the Oinkettes brings out Heather Hunter, an adult film actress.

The Brain, not really understanding what an "adult film" is, asks her if she's ever worked with Robert Redford, what it's like being in love scenes, etc. She mentions that she was in "Coming On America" and he confuses it with "Coming To America".

Meanwhile, Morris keeps painting.

Jameson explains what Heather does for a living.

Heather gives us a big smile when The Brain figures out what's going on.

The Brain approves.

Morris is tired of being ignored, so he begins using his staple gun.

The Brain asks Heather some questions about her personal life. The Brain asks Heather what she does besides acting, and she says she dances. So, The Brain asks her to dance.

Heather moves toward The Brain. Meanwhile, Morris keeps painting.

The Brain gets in lap dance position as Heather moves closer and closer. Morris has just finished his tenth painting.

Oh, my!!!!

The Brain falls out of his chair and immediately cuts to commercial in a panic.

Next, an 85-year-old woman who blows smoke bubbles, Jean Backwith. Meanwhile, Jameson is checking out Heather's movie.

Jean lights up. Unfortunately, she's having no luck with the bubbles. The Brain is losing his patience.

To keep things moving, The Brain asks Heather to dance again.

Unfortunately, the Oinkettes join in.

Heather gets The Brain's attention, and at the end of the show refuses to let him ignore her.

(On a side note, Heather has her own official web site. If the interest of maintaining a website that does not have any direct links to X-rated pages, I'm not posting the link. However, it took me less than 30 seconds to find it, so if you're interested, I'm sure you can figure out how to find it just as quickly. In fact, she has a list of the mainstream work she's done but, oddly enough, she doesn't list her appearance on the Bobby Heenan show. Go figure.)

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