1. West Memphis, Arkansas: Psycho Sid - The reason Sid Eudy can disappear from the scene for long periods of time without worrying about money is that he owns a profitable farm in Arkansas. Supposedly, from a monetary perspective, he doesn't even need to wrestle.
  2. The Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada: Barry O - Who else?
  3. Los Angeles, California: "Big" John Studd - Once, and only once, I saw him billed as being from Washington, DC, where he really lived. Actually, it's Burke, VA, a District suburb.
  4. Beverly Hills, California: Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
  5. Tampa, Florida: "The Iceman" Dean Malenko - This is where you'll find Dean's wrestling school
  6. The Jersey Shore: "Diamond" Dallas Page - Supposedly he worked as a bouncer
  7. Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico: Cactus Jack - And, yes, the city is named after the TV show, and it's a pretty big city
  8. Boston, Massachusetts: "Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan - Occasionally you can catch traces of his accent
  9. Downers Grove, Illinois: "Leaping" Lanny Poffo - Macho Man, his brother, is really from there as well.
  10. Mexico City, Mexico: Ultimo Dragon - Although Ultimo Dragon's ancestory is Japanese, he trained in Mexico and bills himself from there.

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