Pictures From The 3rd Annual Eddie Gilbert Memorial Show
Pictures From The 3rd Annual Eddie Gilbert Memorial Show

Jim Cornette enjoying himself at the question and answer session. That's George Napolitono, the famous wrestling photographer, standing on the left.

Surfin' USA on the top turnbuckle. Every wrestler who went up top had to be careful of the ceiling.

The Extreme run to the ring. A fascinating thing to note about all these pictures I took in the entranceway was that there was nothing between me and the wrestlers, not even a barricade.

NWA World Heavyweight Champion Dan Severn and CWA Champion Franz Schumann face off.

Severn celebrates another victory.

Severn returns to the dressing room with his belt.

Sid makes his way to the ring.

Bundy follows.

Sid and Bundy face off.

You had to know that Bundy was going to get slammed.

I wonder what would have happened if I held out a pair of scissors to Sid?

This picture is kind of sad. Bundy looks legitimately dejected.

The real Nature Boy and his partner, Dory Funk Jr., make their way to the ring.

Doug and Tommy Gilbert make their entrance.

The real Nature Boy with a headlock.

Buddy has Doug Gilbert in the corner. Referee Mark "Shooter" Curtis makes the count.

Buddy says, "Come on! I dare you!"

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