More Classic Moments From TNT

Chief Jay Strongbow and members of his tribe did a ceremonial dance from the viewers of TNT. The North-South connection, "Outlaw" Dick Murdoch and Adrian Adonis pulled up and disrupted it. The Chief was not happy.

Speaking of the North-South connection, there was a feature on them for TNT. We got to tour Adrian Adonis' neighborhood, complete with interviews of various local folk. The finalé was the ride on the Harley.

As everyone knows, in the world of professional wrestling, if you are a member of a particular ethnic group, it's always to the extreme. Here we are at a polka party with Ivan Putski. Vince is having way too good a time.
Everybody polka!!!

We got to see "Cowboy" Bob Orton's horse, as well as a match where he beat Pat Patterson with a handful of tights. [Insert your own joke here about the JPG of Pat Patterson's rear end exposed. A reader, Victor P. pointed out an interesting irony about this picture: the fact that Bob Orton's younger brother, Barry O., would later go public with allegations that, as a youngster, he'd been molested by men in the wrestling business.]

We get shown Sergeant Slaughter's training for his Cobra Corps.
Who would have thought he'd be an Iraqi sympathizer some five or so years later?

Preparation for Butcher Vachon's wedding. Looking at cakes, tuxes, wedding dresses, nighties, a fashion show by April, and a trip to the travel agent. I remember seeing the wedding a long time ago, and if I remember correctly, all the WWF heels were invited at the reception, and they trashed the place.

Kamala eats a live chicken. Well, we never actually get to see him eat the chicken, but we do see him with feathers on his chest, so he must have done it.

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