Defending The NWA TV Title, 1986
Arn's First NWA TV Title, 1986

Arn held the NWA World Television title for the first time from January 4th to September 9th, 1986. He won it by beating Wahoo McDaniel in the final round of a tournament. The reason there even was a tournament was that Dusty Rhodes was forced to give up the title due to an ankle injury suffered at the Omni at the hands of the Four Horsemen. Dusty couldn't defend the title within the required 30-day period, so he had to surrender the belt to the promotion. Young and cocky, Arn didn't want to wait. So, before the tournament, Arn and Tully kicked Dusty's crutches out and he grabbed the belt for himself.

Before, during, and for some time afterwards, Arn wrestled primarily as a single, until he began teaming with Tully Blanchard. He took on the best "good guys" that the NWA had to offer in those days, such as Dusty Rhodes.

Sam Houston

Denny Brown

Pat Tanaka

Tim Horner (this match from Japanese TV...
Probably one of his earliest uses of the spinebuster)

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