Arn's Match Against Ric Flair, Page 11 (The Aftermath)...
Arn's Match Against Ric Flair, Page 11 (The Aftermath)...

Contrary to outward appearances, Arn and Ric proved what they needed to prove to one another, and mended fences after the match. But, in true Horseman fashion, they decided to swerve the rest of the world to their advantage.

First, it looked like Arn and Ric continued the battle in the locker room.

Then, on Nitro the next night, Ric called Arn out.

Ric would try to recruit Sting to his side of the battle to fight Arn and Pillman. In reality, it was all part of the master plan. Sting would turn him down that night but would join Flair later.

Arn came out on Nitro and responded to Ric's previous tirade. In the end, at Halloween Havoc, Ric, as Sting's partner against Arn and Pillman, would turn on Sting and Ric, Brian, and Arn would give Sting a Horsemen-style beating.

They would give both Sting and Luger a beating on a later Nitro.

End result? The Horsemen, along with the fourth, Chris Benoit, were back.

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